• Richards & Coleman 2018 Annual Reunion
  • Richards & Coleman Family Day
  • Lott Carey 93rd Commencement Convocation 2017/2018.


Unofficial Pictures from the Richards & Coleman Family Reunion 2018 Annual General Meeting, Luncheon and Family Day, Twin Oaks Historic House, Warrenton, VA.

Unofficial Pictures from Richards & Coleman Family Reunion Church Service, Luncheon & Fellowship, Twin Oaks Historic Manor House, Warrenton, VA

Lott Carey Baptist Mission School Brewerville, Liberia 93rd Commencement Convocation for Academic 2017/2018. Held in the Lott Carey Memorial Chapel

B. W. Harris High School

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In The News

Economic Management Team Mops up $239 Million LRD in Excess Liquidity

Monrovia, Liberia - In keeping with the President’s mandate to infuse USD $25 million into the economy to mop out excess Liberian dollars on the market, we are excited to announce to the public that the exercise has begun and is in full-swing. Within two days of the President’s mandate, the Economic Management Team have been able to mop out over $239 Million Liberian dollars in excess liquidity out of the market.

This signifies the President’s commitment to stabilise the economy through the implementation of stringent regulatory measures and strong monetary policies both short and long terms in addressing the current rapid depreciation of the Liberian dollar to the U.S. dollar.

We cannot emphasize enough how resolved and committed the President is, in addressing the current economic crisis we are confronted with.

What’s Wrong With President Weah? And Why Does He Keep Messing Up, Again And Again?

Yes, that child was to become the young man we came to know, love and admire. It did not change after he was elected president of Liberia, following a successful career in professional soccer. Had I voted for him? No. I voted for someone else. But after we got over the numbers going against the candidate we wanted—and voted for—we knew we just had to throw our support behind whoever carried the most votes.

Has President Weah come to see and understand the “give and take” that the employers, (the people), and the President, (elected to serve the people) expect and must receive from each other? That he has to accept, work with, and support those who did not vote for him, as well—all of them? We are not quite sure that he does. Read more...

Paedophile African refugee who had sex with a 12-year-old girl and got her pregnant was allowed to stay in Australia for SEVEN YEARS - before being deported back to Africa

A paedophile refugee was allowed to stay in Australia for seven years after having his visa cancelled for having sex with a 12-year-old girl.

Thomas Scott Gbojueh, 50, who left the girl pregnant and in need of an abortion, was deported back to his native Liberia last week by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

Gbojueh pleaded guilty to twice having sex with the underage girl, once less than four months after arriving in Australia in 2006, but was able to remain in the country.

The 12-year-old was the daughter of a woman Gbojueh was in a relationship with at the time, and later terminated the pregnancy. Read more...

“I Will Not Let You Down”- President Weah Reassures Liberians

Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah is not leaving any stone unturned to touch the lives of all Liberians as evidenced by the series of life changing projects the government has embarked upon, such as the coastal defense initiative to bring relief to Liberians who have been suffering from intermittent waves of sea erosion over the years.

Concrete and visible evidences abound as to how President Weah is working to do the extraordinary in fulfillment of his agenda to reshape the country, though the national economic boat might seem a bit shaky now because of the unfortunate situation with the exchange rate.

The Liberian leader is confident that it is just a matter of time for Liberians to rejoice, reassuring that he will not let them down.

Speaking during the official launch of the Coastal Defense Project on Friday, July 13, 2018 aimed at preventing sea erosion in the Borough of New Kru Town, President Weah assured the people of Liberia that he will not let them down, and referenced the ongoing Coastal Defense project as just one of the many projects serving as precursor to the good news that will soon be revealed in the country. Read more...

“We Are Working To Change, Make Liberia Better” - Says President Weah

Monrovia, Liberia: President George Manneh Weah has assured Liberians that he is committed to working and changing the country for the better in spite of biting public criticisms of his government over the state of the economy and other national issues.

The Liberian leader said he and his government are not deterred by the ugly state of politics, as they are doing everything humanly possible to make Liberia the place for all Liberians to live and enjoy.

“This is the country where politics want to supersede good governance, but we won’t let that happen. It doesn’t matter what we do, people criticize but if we were given grades, you will give us good grades. We are working to change and make Liberia a better place to live,” President Weah said when he dedicated the newly renovated King Gray Market in the ELWA Community outside Monrovia on Friday, July 13, 2018.

President Weah thanked marketers for their patience in awaiting the refurbished and standardized market. “I want to thank you for your patience, because I know when people want something, there are others that will be in the group to criticize for nothing but you kept the hope alive and today you have a refurbished market,” President Weah quipped. Read more...

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House for Sale - A fenced in 2 story house with four bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms & a half bath, on 2 lots of land, with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, located on Robertsfield Highway, in Monrovia, Liberia is available for sale

Asking Price $275,000 (US Dollars)


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Nigeria Wants Its Stolen Bronze Statues Back, But The British Offered To "Loan" Them Back

The idea of loaning out the Benin bronze statues which belong to Nigeria by the British Museum raised the indignation of many people across the world. Many museums in the West do not entertain the idea of permanently returning stolen artefacts. Read more...



In Loving Memory of the Late Mot. Mildred Patricia King George. Held at St Matthew Lutheran Church Wood Camp. Paynesville - Liberia

Pictures from the Baccalaureate Service & Graduation program of CLLR. Pearl Brown-Bull from the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary Held at Effort Baptist Church Weaver Street, Paynesville, Liberia

Moriah Inn "Home away from home ~ Short-term stay - Daily * Weekly * Monthly ~ Details....