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Campaign Posters, who has the most?

It's campaign time in Liberia and the top 6 presidential candidates are displaying mega billboards, posters and fliers along major roadways, at popular intersections and on buildings and fences around the city.

Which Presidential candidate has the most number of campaign posters around the city? We didn't count, but Papa Urey is everywhere, next is Joe Boikai, followed by Weah Howard-Taylor, then Brumskine and Cummings, followed by Mills Jones.

Everyone is promising change, but few are outlining what their brand of change entails with the exception of Mills Jones, whose new mega billboard, displayed infront of MOVEE Campaign Headquarters, can best be described as a thesis directed at the youth.

While Weah Howard-Taylor is confusing people with their Change for Hope, Papa Urey says Let's get Liberia Working. Brumskine and Karnwea says Change is Coming, Cummings and Sulenteh says Real Change You Can Trust, Boikai says "Think Liberia, Love Liberia, Build Liberia" and Mills Jones other poster says "Poverty is not our destiny".

It's campaign time in Liberia and with everyone promising change, let's hope the change promised is for the BEST for us and Liberia, our common heritage.


Unity Party (UP)

"Think Liberia, Love Liberia, Build Liberia"


Let's Get Liberia Working


Real Change You Can Trust



Help is Here For Youth


Change for Hope

Liberty Party

Change is Coming