• LIBTELCO as a government entity, cannot choose to invest in a failing mobile phone company for $30 million dollars while neglecting to invest in its basic infrastructure
  • Pictures from CDC 2 Million Man March, April 28, 2016
LIBTELCO as a government entity, cannot choose to invest in a failing mobile phone company for $30 million dollars while neglecting to invest in its basic infrastructure1 Pictures from CDC 2 Million Man March, April 28, 20162 3 4


Pictures from the Lott Carey Mission Alumni Assoc - Liberia Renovation Rally, Theme: "Were Are Moving One Step Further" Held at the Lott Carey Baptist Mission School, Brewerville, Liberia

Pictures from the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) 2 Million Man March, Congo Town, Monrovia, Thursday April 28, 2016

Pictures from the Funeral of Veronica Martha Hawa Tutugirl Lady Whitteimore, Zion Grove Baptist Church, Brewerville, Liberia

Pictures from the Dedicatory and Memorial Service for Father Matthew Wolo Tweh Sr., Held at the First United Methodist Church, Ashmun Street, Reception held at the Brunson's Residence between 15th & 16th Streets Sinkor

Pictures from the Great Commission of Christ Int'l Inc. 15th Annual Convocation Promised Life Conference 2016, Great Commission Ministries of Christ Int'l Inc. Central Church, Behwein Community, Barnersville, Liberia, Sunday, April 10, 2016

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Who will be Liberia's next President?

Candidates who have decleared to bid for the presidency in 2017

Joseph Boikai - VP Boakai 2017 Play, Unity Party (UP)
Charles Brusmskine - Outlines Vision for 2017 Presidential Bid, Liberty Party (LP)


George Weah Confirms 2017 Presidential Bid


Pictures from the Opening of L and T Health and Beauty Store Congotown, Monrovia

June 30, 2014

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LIBTELCO Boss Clarifies ‘US$30M’ Acquisition Of Novafone

The Managing Director of the Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO), Sebastian Muah, has clarified that the price tag on the transaction between Novafone and Libtelco is US$10.4 million, not US$30 million as it has been reported.

Director Muah made the disclosure at the Ministry of Information’s regular Thursday press briefing held on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.

He said, “The acquisition of 100 percent shares in Novafone means Libtelco can do what it needs to foster its commercialization and strategies; and it means Novafone continues to run, but with a new management team and direction.”

Expanding on the benefits of the agreement, Director Muah said with the acquisition of Novafone, Libtelco will also maintain the current license, which costs US$1 million a year or US$15 million for 15 years

He said the value of the remaining cost on the license is about US$12 million. Read more...

What’s Next For LIBTELCO

By Ciata Victor

(Monrovia, May 3, 2016) Fiber optics especially at the physical layer is something few Liberians truly understand.  I happened to be one of the few who do.  

Fiber Optics for Liberia has always been a passion for me, it was why I studied network engineering in school, instead of software development, database management, network security or any of the other upper layers applications that are supported by the physical layer. I knew that before anything rides on top of it in Liberia, phase one will have to occur, the network will have to be built. It was why I focused on the physical layer as a LAN / WAN Engineer before coming home in 2006, with the idea of helping Liberia acquire the technology.

Since coming home I have written several articles about technology in Liberia and how different players were having both positive and negative effects on implementing ICT in Liberia.

This article is an attempt to generate an honest dialog about ICT immediate future in Liberia and what can be done to halt the current track of waste and turn the situation around so that it is a win for ICT in Liberia, the Sirleaf Administration, LIBTELCO and the Liberian people. Read more...

EU Underlines Importance of Freedom of Expression

By Tiina Intelmann, EU Ambassador to Liberia

On 3 May the world celebrates World Press Freedom Day. The international day was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in 1993 following a Recommendation adopted at the 26th Session of UNESCO's General Conference in 1991. The step responded to a call by African journalists who in 1991 produced the landmark Windhoek Declaration on media pluralism and independence.

May 3rd is used to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom, evaluate press freedom around the world, defend the media from attacks on their independence, and to pay tribute to journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession. This year, the theme of Press Freedom Day is Access to Information and Fundamental Freedoms - This is your Right!

On the 25th anniversary of the Windhoek Declaration, the European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs, Federica Mogherini, said that "the establishment, maintenance and fostering of an independent, pluralistic and free press is essential to the development and maintenance of democracy in a nation, and for economic development". Read more...

LIBTELCO purchase of NOVAFONE! It is Baked, it is a done deal!

It is being said in some circles that the LIBTELCO - NOVAFONE deal is a done deal, it is baked and that recruitment is already ongoing in the USA for the new managers of Novafone.

That may be so, it may be baked, but the people responsible for this blatant act of corruption can still be investigated and criminal charges filed against them. Accounts and Assets can still be frozen and questions asked, like was this sale approved by the Legislature?

But which one of the many authorities charged with protecting the interest of Liberia DARE to do their job?

Technology: Liberia Broadband Technical Assessment - (Components 2 & 3) Backbone & Last Mile Details

• Libtelco Next Steps:

o Libtelco to privatize – stated end goal is 6/30/2016 -

• Coming – A Worse Private Monopoly? GoL has appointed ex-Dept of Finance executive to restructure Libtelco so that it, by the time of the national elections, is attractive to private investors.

o Libtelco is rapidly laying substandard ducts in Monrovia, with funded plans to extend 150km to Buchanan, a major port city

Broadband Challenges (Cont.)

• Monopoly Pricing
Libtelco charges $2.50/Meter/month for local access to Cable Landing, 3 times greater than Africa benchmarks. Hence, MNOs (2 major, 1 minor) and all 3 wireless ISPs back-haul to Cable Landing via microwave.

Libtelco and most providers charge retail $1,000/meg (although down from $4,000 in 2009). Libtelco is charging ‘as little’ as $700 to select clients.

• National Fiber Infrastructure: No concrete plan despite many studies since 2010.

o Roads still being built without ductwork.

Liberia ex-footballer George Weah to run for president again

The former international footballer George Weah will run for president of Liberia for a second time.

He said he had the "vision" to transform the country.

Mr Weah, who played for teams including Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan and Chelsea, was the highest-ranking African footballer in Fifa's list of greatest players of the 20th century.

His previous presidential bid, in 2005, was defeated by current president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Her second term in office will end in 2017 and under the country's constitution she cannot run again. Read more...

TLC Africa TV

Something fishy about LIBTELCO proposed purchase of Novafone

All around the city of Monrovia you see these large billboards with messages encouraging Monrovians to "Stop Corruption", and right under some of these billboards along Tubman Boulevard, are ducts belonging to LIBTELCO a company that is begging for an investigation. Read more...

Should LIBTELCO Purchase Novafone?
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The Lott Carey Mission Alumni Association Upcoming Events in Support of Future Renovation Projects on Campus

  1. Fund raising concert featuring 8 High Schools Choirs. - Sunday April 24, 2016 at 2:30 pm

  2. Benefit Dinner at the Brewerville, City Hall - Friday, May 13, 2016 at 6:00 PM

  3. Alumni Home Coming Parade and Sporting Events - Saturday May 14, 2016 on the school's campus in Brewerville.



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