Tyranny without bullets. Will the Election Mean an Extension of the Bryant Kleptocracy?

New standard of living for the people in the interior

As the election fever heats up and over 40 Liberians from all walks of life throw their names into the ring, it is becoming clear that there are only a few viable candidates. If we're not careful, the clutter in this field of candidates could easily lead to victory for the preferred candidate of the establishment and the extension of the Kleptocracy of the NTGL cartel. Clearly the Bryant regime has been more ruthless, thoughtless and uncaring than any Liberia has ever seen. Infact, the only change in the state of Liberia from the tyranny of Mr. Taylor is that we now have 15,000 armed men in the country to protect Mr. Bryant from an armed attack, shielding him from the distractions experienced by Mr. Taylor, and enabling him to concentrate on pillaging our nation's resources with impunity.

In its desire to maintain a corrupt grip on the poor and destitute population, the NTGL fellowship has begun its transition to the Liberian Mafia. I was speaking to a close friend in Liberia a few days ago, and was stunned to learn that members of the fellowship had begun to refer to Mr. Bryant with such names as the Teflon Don, the Boss of Bosses and that the fellowship is actively planning on installing the KIPO, the next president of Liberia. This KAPO will be responsible for running the affairs of the country and insuring that the old fellowship maintains it strangling grips on the lifeblood of our destroyed country. Should this coronation of Mr. Bryant's hand-chosen successor materialize, we can be assured that the nepotism, cronyism and unabated graft that represent an integral part of life in Liberia will continue. In addition, we will see the implementation of a fast track to allow Lebanese and other non-Liberians to own land in Liberia and secure an even stronger hold on the fragile economy of our nation. Once this happens, the plight of the average Liberian will be exacerbated in astronomical terms as the foreigners gobble up all of the prime property and relegate the masses of our citizenry to an even lower socio-economic class than they currently hold. A typical example of this scenario is the French holdings in our neighbor, The Ivory Coast.

Recent disclosure by a UN panel of experts revealed the existence of secret mining deals between the Bryant government and companies with no mining experience, with an award of a virtual monopoly on most of Liberia's gold and diamond reserves. For a deposit of one million US dollars in a secret offshore account, these people are prepared to surrender our entire gold and diamond reserve. Furthermore, they have agreed to have a foreign concern create its own militia to brutalize the citizens of Liberia under the guise of security for this illegal land grab and mining rights. All of this is being done under the backdrop of near starvation of the people of Nimba County. What kinds of people are these? These are evil and selfish men who do not give a damn about the thousands of Liberians currently being ravaged by disease and hunger. They are only concerned with pillaging the wealth of the country and using the loot to purchase huge estates in the USA, in the States of Maryland, Virginia and Georgia.

How can we save our country from this unfolding tragedy? Firstly, Liberians must realize that the ball is finally in our court. This is our chance to emerge as a people who are vigilant, prepared, and committed to take control of our destiny. Since the members of the clan now control state power, the population must be educated and galvanized, and the numerous candidates must consider the formation of a strategic alliance that will be powerful enough to derail this wicked ploy of the emerging Liberian Mafia. We must elect a leader who is not, or will not be, manipulated by the Clan.

Life of our children

In my last article "The Race to Mortgage our Future" I outlined some of the specific doings of this insidious bunch of criminals. They have managed to exhibit such high level of contempt without a mandate from the people. Can you imagine what Life would be like if a member of the Clan is crowned with any thing that smells like a mandate? Yes indeed, the future of our country would be very bleak. The simmering malcontent from the neglect would eventually lead to another round of armed insurrection, anarchy, senseless killing and destruction. We may very well experience unimaginable carnage and yet another round of total destruction of Liberia's most precious commodity, "Our children", who will officiate over this carnage without any sense of guilt or remorse.

The choice we Liberians will have to make is simple: are we going to accede to the old cry, "He kill my Ma, He kill my Pa, but I will still vote for him" or are we going to vote for the one that is going to arrest and prosecute those that killed our mothers and fathers and fight to insure that our kids grow up in a healthy and peaceful environment with access to schools and food to eat. Gankay, as he was affectionately referred to by his Savage clansmen, was a Tyrant who brutalized our people and presided over 14 years of carnage. He left our beloved Liberia in ruins. The current leaders are Tyrants who, because of the current international community intervention, do not have the power to inflict physical savagery, but in all of their actions have inflicted an even more sinister brutality, a kind of psychological tyranny that is perhaps more brutal than that of Mr. Taylor. Are we prepared to hand our lives to these silent killers for six more years? Are we willing to cede our Land and birth rights to the Lebanese? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then vote for the one who will "KILL YOUR MA, STEAL YOUR FOOD, KILL YOUR PA, SELL YOU INTO SLAVERY, AND Give all of your most fertile Land to the Lebanese. If no, then vote for leaders who will show concern for our disenfranchised; leaders who will teach new behaviors, skills, and attitudes through their own examples; leaders who will assume full responsibility for their actions, who will demonstrate the values of democracy, and who will show that there can be life without graft.

About the Author: Stephen O Adams is a Telecommunication/Computer Systems expert currently residing in the US. He is also a coconscious Liberian who cares deeply about the sufferings masses in the country. Steve has written several articles on the corruption and incompetence of the current government. He can be contacted at

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