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TLC Africa Webmaster Turns 50 on March 2, 2011

Pictures from the 50th Birthday Celebration for Ciata Victor @ Myrtle Beach, Kendejah, Liberia. Celebrated Friday March 4, 2011

Giving Thanks

My Party

Thanks to everyone who braced the rain and came to celebrate this milestone in my life. My journey through life so far has been a good one with much to thank God for. All I can say right now is "Thank God, I made it to 50". Thanks for the gifts, cards, drinks, food, love and support. I felt turely loved and appreciated.

  • To Horatio Bernard - Thank you my Spartan brother for extending your trip, Sparta was represented by you and DEB. I hope you had a good time. When you get back to life in the USA, my wish is that Myrtle Beach crosses your mind every hour of your 8 hour workday. Thank you Ray for always supporting me and TLC Africa. I love you Bou...

  • To Vernon Scott, Thanks for the pointers and for helping me coordinate some of this stuff. You were right everything fell into place.

  • To Oso and George, Thanks for Myrtle Beach. It is one of my favorite spots in Liberia and it was the perfect location for my party. Extra work was done in my honor. Gentlemen, thank you, I appreciate it and the beach is even more beautiful.

  • To Albertain the desserts, and punch were a hit. Vernon was right, you got it going girl. Thank you.

  • To Wiyata - Thank you Coz, as usual you were there for me.... They loved the Jollof rice, pasta salad and stuffed baked chicken. The Pineapple upside down cake was right on time. Thanks again girl, I love you and Rebecca.

  • To Ramatu, Mr. Mahdi and the kids - thank you for the beautiful souvenir beach bags. They were perfect and you upgraded my status in the community by one notch. Everyone loved their gift bags. Thank you my sister and friend. If God is willing, I will see you in Freetown in August.

  • To Bendoria, thank you baby girl, the fry rice, bake fish and pepper soup were excellent. You and your friends did real good.

  • To Matthew - You stepped in at the right time with an offer to help. The roasted goat, and goat soup were great. Thanks to you and your wife...

  • To Prince, what can I say man, except thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do. I would not have been able to organize this party without you.... (Well Prince, we did it, and had a great time too.)

My Life

  • To Rockefeller Cooper, Oso Smith and Edwin Taye, Gentlemen, thanks for being there for me during critical times in my life. Your advice and assistance helped put me on the right track in life. This I am grateful for and this I cannot forget.

  • To my sister Jeannine, my Aunty Mazu, my brothers Gary and Carl, and to Laila Saad, you are the best. Thank you so much for never letting go of me. Good or bad, wrong or right, approve or disapprove you always supported me, embraced me, loved me, sheltered me and gave me comfort. You have been the guiding force in my life and the ones I turned to when things fall apart. I am indeed lucky because I have you. I love you and I too will never let go.

  • To my nephews who gave me hope for the future, thanks for all the support you gave aunty Ciata. Rudel, Odelia, JC, AJ, Faith, John Paul, Telford, Earl (Shosho) and Howard Victor for always having my back. I love you guys, and in you I know that I am turely blessed.
  • To my mother, Vyrle M. Richards, Thank you Mommie for giving me life. It has been a good life, the life you prepared me for. Sorry that you, Gary, Patricia, Uncle, Alvin, Laila, June, Karen, Rita and the rest of my family and friends could not be here to celebrate with me. I missed you all. Please enjoy the pictures, we really had a good time. Love you....