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Lonestar Communications Corporation: Waving our Flag; Lifting Liberia!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010, SKD Stadium, Monrovia, Liberia

Embracing the Liberian dream has been part of the modus operandi of the LonestarCell Communications. This dream pre-dates the Liberian civil crises. Lonestar has had a presence with the Liberian people and has been able to provide hope and possibilities for thousands of Liberians in time of war. When many had lost hope of reaching loved ones in Liberia, through LonestarCell, hope was restored through solid connectivity. The hopeful atmosphere has a life of longevity as Lonestar Cell has strategically partnered with the Government of Liberia in many constructive ways to improve the lives of Liberians the nation over. This strategic partnership adds luster to the “lift Liberia” policy to restore health and wholeness by providing jobs, support in the medical area and educational and business opportunities to thousands of Liberians.

LonestarCell operates with a vision that in order to build a successful nation, you have to empower committed and dedicated people to become nationalistic. Such empowerment orchestrated on the part of Lonestar Cell is being felt amongst many from Grand Gedeh to Grand Capemount; Grand Bassa to Grand Kru, Gbarpolu to Lofa; Bomi to Bong; Rivercess to River Gee; Maryland to Margibi; Montserrado to Nimba and Sinoe. The strategic empowerment Lonestar Cell offers plays a pivotal role in Liberia’s transformation by providing critical service/products to the Liberian market. Lonestar’s Corporate Social Responsible disposition is outstanding and highly commendable. It has in a relevant way impacted Liberia’s infrastructure development and redevelopment while improving the lives of Liberians. Without a doubt, this has strengthened the Liberian nation in a wholesome way and indeed it lifts Liberia strategically.

Living out a vision that empowers and creates a spirit of patriotism and nationalism in Liberians paid off for Lonestarcell when on Sunday, Sept. 5, 2010 the Liberia Football Association (LFA) along with other stakeholders and thousands of Liberians honored Lonestar Communication Corporation at a jammed packed SKD Sports Complex for invaluable services Lonestarcell has and continues to offer our nation’s pride and joy, the Lone Star. Lonestarcell has, from its inception, firmly supported sports in Liberia through its support to various sports outfits such as the National County Meet, the National Volley ball Team, the Liberia National Olympics Committee (LNOC), the Liberia Table Tennis Association, Ricks Institute’s Mini Olympics that brings together thousands of students from around Montserrado County, the National Squash Club, the Uhuru Kings basketball team among many others.

Sunday’s honoring of Lonestar Communications Corporation saw thousands of soccer fans standing to their feet in affirmation of Lonestarcell’s commitment to building hope and strengthening unity in Liberia by Lonestarcell’s outstanding financial and moral support to Liberia’s National Soccer Team – the Lone Star. Many fans who spoke out thanked Lonestarcell for partnering with the national team to bring back a spirit of patriotism and nationalism.

An elderly lady who was amongst the fans at Sunday’s game was seen weeping. When asked she said..”Lonestarcell has never left Liberia and Liberians, they have brought us through war and now they are promoting peace and unity, I am just proud of Lonestarcell my child…”
Indeed, Lonestar Communications Corporation considers itself a partner in the process of redeveloping the Liberian nation. To do such, the corporation believes that it must live as a corporate social responsible partner and give back to the Liberian nation and people. And giving back, it is.

Lonestarcell’s corporate Social Responsibility has seen it reaching out to schools throughout Liberia, both private and public including the Cuttington University in Suacoco, Bong County, the University of Liberia in Montserrado County, the W.V.S. Tubman University in Harper, Maryland County, the St. Paul’s Daycare School in Duala, The Careysburg Public High School, the Monrovia Vocational & Technical Center, the Stella Maris Polytechnic, the SOS school in district #2, Grand Bassa County, Salvation Army and numerous others.
Lonestar Communications believes that in order to develop Liberia in any sustainable way, its educational system must be strengthened and the products of such system fully trained for a competitive and technological world.

Giving back has seen Lonestarcell donating in significant ways to the healthcare delivery system of some of Liberia’s counties, some grossly underdeveloped such as Grand Kru and River Gee. Others are Bong, Nimba, Grand Bassa and many others through the Liberia Surgical Operations(LISOP), and the delivery of medical supplies and equipment to many health centers throughout the country.
Lonestar Communications has contributed over the years to growth and change in Liberia with services and products that have been grounded in quality and reliability. Its partnerships with the Liberian Government continue to promote economic empowerment for Liberians while promoting business opportunities.

We spoke to many Liberians who had gathered to watch Liberia’s Lone Star battle it out with Zimbabwe’s Warriors who were extremely jubilant and expressed utter satisfaction that Lonestar Communications Corporation was being honored. Many said that it was an honor well deserved by a company who, according to a young man, “ Lonestarcell is a company with outstanding corporate attitudes that have advanced our nation socially, and economically”.

So, Lonestar Communications Corporation has been honored for supporting in strategic and meaningful ways the advancement of sports in Liberia and, in particular, the National Team – the Lonestar. Lonestarcell has recommitted itself to continue to do all that it takes to lift Liberia by lifting Liberians. It was indeed a colorful event at the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex. It was clear that when it comes to sports, Liberians unite, for in such, there is a commonality of purpose. It was clear from the event of things on Sunday that thousands of soccer enthusiasts who turned out waving their flags and cheering the Lonestar appreciated the efforts of Lonestarcell, for in Lonestarcell’s efforts, they found a bridge that leads to a common purpose – lifting Liberia!!

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