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Pictures from the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company Rebranding & Honoring Program

Held at the post Compound, L.P.R.C, Bushrod Island, Monrovia

Friday, November 16 , 2012


In its drive to give the company a new look, the management of the Liberia Petroleum Refining Company (LPRC) brought to the fore a Rebranding exercise where a new logo, mission and vision statements and new core values were launched.

At a colorful ceremony held on November 16, at the Product Storage Terminal (PST) on Bushrod Island, managing director T. Nelson Williams, II said he was pleased and gratified to launch the new LPRC Brand. Mr. Williams added “this is a promise to our client, share holders and partners. “It is the single-minded expression of who we are, what we represent and the standard for the client experience”. The MD further indicated that “by exceeding client expectations, we express our brand-and what it promises – in a way that differentiates LPRC from other state-owned enterprises”.

Mr. Williams who is the company’s twelfth managing director then described the company’s first MD, Senator Cletus Segbe Wotorson as someone who set the pace in putting the company on track. The senator was presented a plaque and a check by board member Manyu Kamara who worked with Hon. Wotorson during his tenure as MD of the LPRC, and was hailed for being the company’s first standard bearer.

Upon being honored, Hon. Wotorson said he was grateful to the family of the Oilers for giving him his flowers while alive. “This gesture brings sincere appreciation to me and let me convey felicitations to the LPRC and thanks to those who witness the kind receipt of my flowers while I am still alive”, the Grand Kru Country law maker noted.

Hon. Wotorson also said that he backs the LPRC’s vision and expressed frustration on while the Gardnersville Site is in ruins after US$450,000.00 was spend during his tenure (1978-1980) to build that site. The Grand Kru County lawmaker however pointed that the company’s logo where the black drop signifies the oil industry should instead be termed “the emerging oil industry” because the country is yet to explore oil. He then called for the need to build a middle class system and wondered why the six foreign banks in the country can not give loan to Liberians, a situation he described as repulsive. Hon. Wotorson then stated that he will propose a legislation empowering Liberian businesses and also called on women in the country to continue to work harder as he noted “President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf merits where she is as she worked hard to get there and that women in the country must see her as an inspiration in achieving their goals. The former LPRC boss also noted that there is a need to take risk with Liberians.

During the occasion there were remarks from Dr. Richard Tolbert and Charles Clarke with many describing the scene as highly fascinating and commended the decision of the LPRC’s management in being more innovative to honor Senator Cletus wotorson who from all indication is regarded as the company’s first torch bearer cum pioneer, a description Mr. Williams jokingly said of him as being the “Joseph Jenkins Roberts of the LPRC”.

Also at the occasion, the company used the opportunity to distribute a booklet on its five-year strategic plan as it relates to where it hopes to go as far as the future is concerned. With this latest initiative by the LPRC management it is no doubt on the right trajectory as there are certainly new tidings in the fore.
Under the managerial prowess of Mr. Williams the LPRC continues to make gains and have continuously portrayed a positive image.  Employees’ morale is said to be high, there are huge dividends and the company is certainly a study case for other follow.

Sen. Wotorson makes a remark.

Sen. Wotorson, Board Member Tupee Taylor and MD T. Nelson Williams, II.

Hon. Wotorson makes a remark as MD Williams looks on

Dr. Richard Tolbert makes a remark.

Hon. Wotorson and T. Nelson at the program.

Board Member Manyu Kamara makes a remark.