Meet Ellen's Transitional Team - 11/28/2005

President elect Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has appointed a thirty-one-member transition team. The team will work with the
transitional government to ensure a smooth exchange of government.

The team headed by Vice President Elect Joseph Boakai will assess the current state of affairs of the country. It will
also review policy options for the new government. Five women are among the thirty-one members of the transition team.



  • Joseph N. Boakia - Chairman 06513272
  • John G. Bestman - Co-Chairman 06511587
  • S.T. Eugene Peabody - Secretary 06535592
  • Clavenda Parker 06544390
  • Ambulai B. Johnson, Jr. 04742946
  • Maketa Wreh 05620801

Criteria established:

1. Existing Government employees are not to be included on the transition team.

2. All appointed individuals should be qualified in their respective areas of assignment.

3. Except for a small stipend to cover the cost of transportation and gasoline, the assignments will attract no financial

4. For inclusion on the transition team, priority will be given to those who made substantial sacrifices during the presidential campaign.

5. In the selection process, consideration should be given to gender, youths and members of other parties.

General Terms of Reference

The functional areas listed below have been identified as areas which should claim the attention of the transition team. A
team will be assigned to each topic with responsibility to:

* Assess the current state of affairs in terms of resource availability and policy direction, identifying weaknesses and opportunities for change;

* Propose a vision of desired outcomes and an action plan that could include proposals for changes in institutional
structures, budgetary allocations as well as program direction.

19 Areas of Emphasis:

a. Security - Brownie Samukai, Peter B. Jallah, Chris Massaquoi, Charles Ananaba, James Hollowanger, (Fumba Sirleaf)*

b. Finance, Budgeting & Economic Management - Harry Greaves, A.B. Johnson, Jr., John Morlu, Boimah Taylor, J. Mills
Jones, Charles Collins,

* Debt



* Budget formulation and execution

* Bureau of Maritime Affairs

* NGOs

c. Governance - Toga McIntosh, Harold Monger, Victoria Cooper, Nyah Matien, George Dahn, Cieneh Clinton Johnson (Amos

d. Trade and Commerce - Morris Saytumah, Pete Norman, Jeremiah Sulunteh, William E. Dennis, David Farhat, Geneva Koffa, Sadia Bangoura, Martha Nagbe

e. Agriculture & Forestry - Francis Karpeh, Sizi Morris, Joseph Bowier, Peter Korvah, Ben Cooper, J. Chris Toe

f. Legislature - Morris Dukuly, Lois Brutus, Augustine Fayah, Rudolph Sherman, J. Napoleon Torquie, Jonathan Sagbe, Tiawon

g. Minerals & Energy - Fodee Kromah, John Blair, Nathaniel Richardson (Eugene Shannon)*

h. Education - Joseph Korto, Mary L. Brown, Levi Zangai, Hester Williams, Oliver Duncan, Keturah York Cooper, Stephen Cooper, Lincoln Brownell

i. Health and Social Welfare - Walter Gwenigale, Madia Harris Stone, Benson Barr, Clavenda Parker, Juanita Ramirez, Beyan Kota

j. Infrastructure:

* Electricity - Harry Yuan, Ian Yhap, Lionel Keller, Francis Kapwa, Dunstan Macaulley (Joe Mayah)*

* Water & Sanitation - Bill Warner, Philip Parker, Daniel Sinah, Loris Shannon

* Telecommunications - Harwene Tyee, Nathaniel, Kevin, Willie Belleh, Charles B. Roberts

* Roads & Public Buildings - Luseni Dunzo, Lawrence Norman, H. Q. Taylor, Jr. Sylvanus O'Connor

* Airports
- Archie Williams, Edna Lloyd, Julius Dennis, Henry Valhmu, Roger Sherman

* Seaports - Hilary Dennis, George Tubman, Dogba Yassah

k. International Relations - Dew Mayson, H. Boima Fahnbulleh, El Mohammad Sheriff, Nathaniel Barnes, Dee Lake

l. Private Sector, Capital Formation & Investment Regime - Keith Jubah, Sam Mitchell, James Davis, Reginald Pratt, Musa
Bility, Dweh Boley, Maureen Shaw

m. Media - Johnny McClain, Medina Wesseh, Tarnu Mawolo, Fannie Cole Weefur, Kenneth Best, (Emmanuel Bowier)*

n. Culture & Tradition - Julie Enders, Etta Tellawoyan, Jallah Kamara, Jones Duopoe, (Emmanuel Bowier)*

o. State Enterprises/Public Corporations - Eugene Peabody, Bill Findley, Pewu Subah, Roseline Sneh, Edwin Williams, Evans
Koah, Fatu White

p. Banking & Insurance - Clemenceau Urey, Wilson Tarpeh, Ben Garnett, Eliza Thompson-Ross, Julia Duncan-Cassell, James

q. Youth and Gender - Etweda Cooper, George Wisner, Julius Sele, Gbour Wilson, Vonyee Kollison, George Cooper, Hassan Kiazolu, Junior Toe (LEAD)

r. Contracts and Concessions - Oswald Tweh, Krubo Kollie, Alphonso Gaye, Bill Bunbar, Emmanuel Wureh.

s. Reconciliation - Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Walker, Rev. Jervis Witherspoon, Esther Nyema, Alhaji Sheriff, Rev. Dr. Sam Reeves,
Bai Gbalah, Harrison Karnwea

(*) Resource Persons


Inaugural Committee - Willis Knuckles, T. Ernest Eastman, Charles Clarke, Precious Greaves, Eddie Dunn, Henry Brunson,
Etweda Cooper, Gabriel Knuckles, Paul Mulbah, Rockson Nimely, Willard Russell, Eugene Peabody, Aletha Hoff, Frances Harmon, Gus Majors, Alex Knuckles, Ben Cooper, Marbue Richards, Robert Marshall, Thelman Johnson,Peter Korvah,James Davies, Unity Party National Youth Wing, Unity Party National Women's Wing, Unity Party Montserrado County Youth Wing, Unity Party
Montserrado County Women's Wing (additional members to be appointed as tasks are identified)

Presidential Appointments Committee - Vice President Elect Joseph Boakai (members of committee to be appointed by VP Elect, with approval of President Elect).

Inventory of Government Assets - Fulton Reeves, Marbu Richards, Richard Fallah, Jamesetta Howard, Tom Jarry, Willard
Russell, Augustus Majors, Edward Dagoseh

* Vehicles

* Furniture

* Office equipment

* Government leases


Event Date

1. Appointment Letters to Team Leaders / Transitional Team 11/24/05

2. Briefing Meeting - Transition Team 11/28/05

3. Consolidation of Team Budgets 11/31/05

4. Ensure Preparation of First Draft - Working Papers 12/12/05

5. Workshop - Presentation and Discussion of Documents 12/19-21/05