Vai Script Encoding Workshop

The writing system of the Vai, which was developed in the 1830's in Liberia
by Duala Bukele, is getting closer to reaching a stage where it can be
encoded into an international standard for digital character encoding.

In pursuit of this goal, the encoding of Vai into Unicode and ISO/IEC
10646, a number of experts will be meeting from 13-15 April 2005 on the New
York University campus.

Experts and users of Vai script who can attend the meetings are welcome to
attend, or to participate remotely via chat sessions, as one means of
having input into the process. Michael Everson, who has worked on the
successful encoding of many scripts, will be attending the meetings with a
view to preparing a practical and actionable proposal for encoding Vai.

The meeting times will be as follows:

April 13, 1 - 5 PM: Room 910, Kimmel Hall, NYU
April 14, 1 - 5 PM: Room 910, Kimmel Hall, NYU
April 15, 9 AM - 5 PM: Room 809, Silver Center, NYU

A map of the NYU Campus can be found
here: Kimmel Hall, number 45 on
the map, is at 60 Washington Square South. Silver Center, number 31 on the
map, is located at 100 Washington Square East.

Those interested in attending should confirm your attendance in advance by
e-mailing, and bring a photo ID.