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African Names From South Africa

South Africa is located in Southern Africa, at the southern tip of the continent of Africa. The country Geographic coordinates are 29 00 S, 24 00 E . South Africa completely surrounds Lesotho and almost completely surrounds Swaziland. From the establishment of the Union of South Africa in 1910, the main division was into four provinces. As early as 1913, however, ownership of land by the black majority was restricted to certain areas covering about 13% of the country, and from the late 1950s these areas were gradually consolidated into "homelands" (also known as bantustans) to serve as the de jure national states of the black population in fulfilment of the white minority government's policy of apartheid. In 1976 the homeland of Transkei was the first to accept independence from South Africa, and although this independence was never acknowledged by any other country, three other homelands followed suit.

From 1994 onwards, South Africa has been divided into nine provinces. The former homelands were reintegrated into the Republic on the eve of the April 1994 general election which ended minority rule.

  • Suidelike
  • Mandela - Boy Name
  • Moeketsi - Boy Name
  • Mosola - Boy Name
  • Mfana - Boy Name
  • Sisulu
  • Tutu - Boy Name
  • Sobukwe
  • Luthuli
  • Samora - Girl Name
  • Sehloho - Boy Name


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