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African Names From Liberia West Africa

New Names

POADY -Name of a female, It is Pronounced as ( Po - a- day) originally from the Grebo tribe, meaning PO's mother..

FATUMA - Female name, pronounced as ( Far-too- ma) Originally from the Via/Gola tribe.. She can also be called - FATU - Pronounced as (Far-too)

TARDY - female name, from the Grebo tribe, Pronounced as Tar-day)

I'SATTA - Is a girl's name,from the VIA tribe - and it pronounced as ( I-sat- tie)

Liberian Names Whose Origin or Meanings are known

Bassa Names

The Bassa people - can be found in Liberia,  Sierra Leone,  Nigeria and Cameroon.  In Liberia they occupy central Liberia and can be found in Grand Bassa, Rivercess, and Montserrado counties.

Religion: Christian, traditional religion.  Language: Bassa

Bassa Names - Girls 

Dechontee, Fortee, Janjay, Mardea -  means First Girl, Mayupleh, Monji, Sundaymah, Tomah, Wlejii, Wlojii

Bassa Names - Boys

Garnahweh, Gartee, Garyupleh, Garmuyu, Sundaygar, Togar

Gardiah- means "new man"

Kissi Names

The Kissi people inhabit the thick tropical forests of Guinea, as well as small areas in Liberia and Sierra Leone. They speak a Niger-Congo language called Kisi (or Gizi). For many generations, the Kissi have been known as a hard working people. They are very age-oriented, dominated and led by the elderly. To learn more about the Kissi people of the West African region, click here...

Boys Name

  • Saa, Saah or Sarh: First boy
  • Tamba: Second boy

Girls Name

  • Sia: First girl
  • Kumba: Second girl
  • Finda: Third girl

Kpelle Names

The Kpelle people can be found in Liberia, Guinea and Ivory Coast.  They spread over from central Guinea to the Capital city of Liberia, MonroVai.  A small group live near the Ivorian-Gunean frontier.  The largest tribal group, Kpelle is spoken with different accents depending on the region.  Kpelle words and phrases are found in Lorma, Kissi, Gbendi,  Mendi of Sierra Leone, Mendigo, Soso, Vai, Gola, Mano, Timene of Sierra Leone; and many Languages in Guinea.

Religion:  Christian-Luthern-Methodist  traditional belief system.
Language:  Kpelle

Girl Names

Bindu (also popular amongst the Vai people), Fahnlohnee, Gblormehn, Korto, Miata (also Vai or Gola), Mehnmah, Korlu or Kor-korl, Nowa, N?yamen, Lurpu, Garmenh, Kortolo, Nyanpue, pahn, Gorpue, Konah, Suah, Gormenh, Zoe, Gborlormenh, Kehper

Kpassi Kpangbah - A famous Paramount chief from Bong County who was considered one of the best Chiefs from the county.

Boy Names

Kpangbah (or Kparngbah, Kparnkpai), Kparsi, Manhtee, Toimu, Togba or Tokpa, Flomo, Yarkpawolo, Cammue, Kollie, Paye or Paye-see-lerh, Garteh, Zaowolo, Kpakelah, Yakpazuah, Siakoh, Dolo, Wamah

More Names from Liberia

  • Dwede (pronounced "dwe-day". This is a female's name meaning Dwe's Mother; as you would say Junior's Ma or Pa.)

  • Mamawa (MAWAY) (This is another female's name meaning small-mother. This name is for someone who is the name-sake of your mother or grandmother or just another older person you call Ma or Mama in the family)

  • Sianeh ( is actually " Sie-Anyene" which means Sie's Wife. If your
    husband's name is Sie, and a girl is named after you, you may decide to call her this name to reflect your love and honour for your husband

  • Wahde (pronounced "Wah-Day" means Wah's Mother. Again if you have a son called WAH, and a girl is named after you, you can choose to call that child Wahde reflecting your love and respect for your son Wah.

  • Wonlay (this name can be given to either a boy or girl child. Actually
    it is pronounced "War-nie" and means "Tired". This name is given a girl
    whose parents have lost a lot of children in either childbirth/childhood.
    They are simply saying that "We are tired of all troubles/problems.)

  • Yenplu ( is actually pronounced "NYENE-PLU" and the name means
    "White Woman". It is given to a considered-beautiful girl child).

  • Dwe (the name DWE is a boy's name, and for a girl it is "NYENE-DWE". NYENE is Woman or Wife. Dwe is the Grebo name for an elephant and so this name is given to a person who is great, strong and power, and sometimes even big.

Kru Names

Kru Girls

  • Arway, Donyen - (Beautiful)

  • Teenesee- time does not pass

  • Jayplo/Japlo-- Girl name in Liberian Kru means beautiful girl.Nyonontee - Meaning: You cannot ask a woman her ways before you marry her.

  • Sorntee, Bloh, Wloh, Nyonweh, Tarloh
Kru Names - Boys
  • Nyennoh - (First born)

  • Borforh - you must wait

  • Monon-Konmlan (or Konmlan for short)-- Boy name In Liberian Kru. Means I'm the one with the luck/blessing.
  • Soe-Tehpoe (or Tehpoe for short)- boy name In Liberian kru. Means I'm not to be blamed / I'm not responsible for what happened.
  • Pennon, Togba, Teh, Jlakon, Forkay, Nimene, Boryee, Yenseloh, Odeleia, Gbwe

Mano Names

The Mano people are found in Northeastern Liberia and Guinea.  Religion: Traditional religion, Christian.  

Mano Boys Names

  • Gonlekpei - Man under the hut
  • Luogon - Boy born after the death of a sibling
  • Nyahn - 2nd born
  • Nyeayea - The eyes can see if it last long
  • Nenwon - For the sake of a child
  • Paye - 3rd born
  • Saye  - 1st born
  • Wonbin - Vanity
  • Yeanue - life has come.  
  • Zokaya - Heart should be patient

Mano Girls Names

  • Kou -1st born
  • Yah - 2nd born
  • Yei - 3rd born
  • Norn -4th born
  • Luolay - Girl born after the death of a sibling
  • Wonkehmi - Only the one who takes action knows the outcome.
  • Bendu - Wise woman or an elderly woman in the Mano tribe.

Gio Names

Suah is a boy's name. The name comes from Liberia, West Africa and it belongs to the dialect of Gio. The name "Suah" means "A new era, a new beginning"

It is pronounced Sue-ah. Sue as in a girls name and Ah- as in "Ah, that hurts." or like the sound you make after you had a refreshing drink. Su-ah not Su-uh.

Click here to listen to correct pronuncation of the name Suah

Vai Names

The Vai people can be found in both Liberia and Sierra Leone. In Liberia, they are concentrated in  the western part of the country in Cape Mount, near the Sierra Leone border.  

Religion: Muslim, traditional religion, Christian.   Language: Vai

Vai Names - Girls

Bendu, Ciata or Ciatta,  Famatta, Hawa Jebbeh, Kona, Maima, Massa, Musu,   Sando, Tenneh, Mabasi, Weyatta, Wokie

Vai - Names Boys

Ansa,  Baimba, Konah, Sando, Varney, Foday,  or Folley, Armah, Jahn, Karmo, Pese, Sao, Boima Konah, Konowa, Gboto, Lami, Bonokai, Kaijaah

Siaka - meaning "the child who OPENED his mother", a graphic version of "first-born



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