With all Due Respect-I disagree!

By: Henrique Caine

In the interest of full disclosure, let begin by saying that I supported the Candidacy of Ambassador Winston A. Tubman for President of Liberia and passionately campaigned for him both in Liberia and among Liberians in the United States. However, and with all due respect to the Ambassador, just as I publicly and vigorously campaigned believing that in him was the best person to move Liberia forward at this critical time, I must on principle also publicly disagree with his decision to endorse George Weah for President in the upcoming November 8, 2005 run-off election against Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf.

For me the choice is all too clear, and is beyond personal ambitions, or any thoughts riddled by self-interest. I stood with Ambassador Winston Tubman because I believe that he was better prepared and better experienced to restore Liberia's dignity on the world stage as a nation capable of peaceful self-governance. Now post October 11, 2005, we're left with the choice of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf or George Weah. I cast my lot with Mrs. Sirleaf.

Frankly speaking, Liberia cannot afford to remain in a constant state of disrepair! We need a leader with the capability and ability to grasp the challenges that comes with re-attracting international investment, combating rampant corruption that continues to plague Liberia, negotiate on our behalf for the elimination of our international debt burden, rebuild our damaged infrastructure, rebuild our schools and health care facilities, restore law and order, rebuild our justice system, improve our trade potential with other nations, develop our youth, reconcile our people, and the list goes on and on.

George Weah's obvious lack of experience in these matters of State is a clear indication that he is not the best suited of the two for the Presidency at this juncture. Mrs. Sirleaf is the better Candidate and should be elected President.

If there is anything that we should have learned as Liberians during these last difficult years, it is that we can no longer make choices merely based on political expediency, or what is perceived as popular. Remember the 1997 chant "he kill my ma, he kill ma pa, I will vote for him..." Look where that got the country! Now the chant of the day is, "he know book, he don't know book, we will vote for him..."

For the betterment of Liberia, I support the Candidacy of Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in the November 8, 2005 run-off election!

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