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A rejoinder to one James J. Jackson's article: Are Oppong hands bloody? Did he sponsor MODEL? By Sheikh Kafumba Dukuly, II

It is imperative that we do justice to humanity by critical analyzing that which has to do with a man's character. It is character that ventilates the human soul and also sets the basis for human reputation.

It is on this paradigm that Galen and others used to study the concept of scientific method to construct a model for the examination of ideas.

This is why every given hypothesis is tested by known facts to either disprove or affirm a plausible guess.

Against this background, I like to erect a solid foundation of reality against Jackson's warped perception about Amb. George Manneh Weah.
Conventionally, it is a solecism for anyone to assume without providing a bulwark for his assumption.

Let us reflect on a standard definition of fact from Scott and Foresman Intermediate Dictionary:

1. Fact is true; truth 2. Thing known to be true or to have really happened.

From the definition above it is a glair that Jackson provided no fact(s) in the defense for his hypothesis about Weah support for MODEL.

Providing us with a prima facie evidence like date of Weah visit to Philadelphia to attend a secret meeting or videotape would suffice.
In the absence of this, any logical man will infer that Jackson is a listless man who is either fronting in disguise for someone or wants to bestow on himself undue relevance.

As a constant reader of Dialectics, I will like to point out few flaws in Jackson's ill-prepared piece:

1. Counterfactual Analysis

2. Hasty generalization

Counterfactual Analysis: Weah went to Philadelphia
There was a Rebel meeting in Philadelphia
Therefore, Weah attended that meeting
What a huge fallacy!!!!!

Hasty Generalization: 1. A " former member" of MODEL is with Weah
So all members of MODEL are with George Weah
Therefore George Weah supported MODEL.
It is a pity for someone to use such a reasoning weak and sophistical hypothesis to indict a reputable son of Liberia.
Indeed this ludicrous argument pellucidly displays the limitation of Jackson as was affirmed by himself " I am neither an expert in Liberian History nor am I professing to be a judge of present events".
What surprises me most is, why should someone decides to flippantly market ignorance
In a self-congratulatory style?

It is often said that half-truth is difficult to correct than wholesome lie. This is why he tried to balance his argument by the example of Rebel leaders around the world. Jackson's half-truth is this; all the names in his " classic historical examples" are or were Rebel Leaders and not sponsors of their Rebellions.

If we hold a portion of his argument, should we say that Madam Politician and others who bankrolled NPFL later became standard bearers of NPP? I know all those reading this article will disagree and his assertion therefore founders into falsehood.

The fact is that George Manneh Weah opposed in certain term the use of force as a mean of resolving the Liberia quagmire. Jackson is thriving on mere speculation by insinuating that Weah has a link with MODEL.

Posterity is looking up to Jackson to provide the onus propandi to indict Weah for supporting atrocity against the Liberia People. As an informed Liberian I want to debunk this baseless hypothesis that has stolen its way into the media due to Jackson's Ridiculous flippancy. On another end, I want to inform Jackson that Dictators normally find scapegoats so was the case of Taylor trying to get at George Weah only because he was envious of the people's love for their hero.

Additionally, Weah operated under constitutional dictates when he out rightly criticized the Taylor's Administration for its insensitivity to the downtrodden masses.

He is on record for visiting world leaders appealing to them in helping to stop the bloodbath in Liberia as far back as 1993.
He has always appealed to Liberians to put aside their differences and foster unity for the betterment of our common patrimony.

If someone wants to bring this noble son character into disrepute must do so on the basis of fact not malodorous conjecture. How can a man who claimed to be assuming speak with such a definite-Indeed George Weah is the secret sponsor of MODEL.

This tells us that Jackson has a mindset and prejudice against Weah and wants to indirectly portray it. Finally, I will like to urge James Jackson to reflect on the concept of the renowned scientist Thomas Edison- Stick-to-itiveness, sticking to the issues.

He has opened a Pandora's box. Let him continuing unabated in providing the information that he claimed to have.
Let him be cognizant that Liberia is a country of vigilance and so must be prepared for the backlashes of his reckless attempt to incriminate Africa's greatest hero.

By Sheikh Kafumba Dukuly, II
A student activist at the University of Liberia

Cell # 2316543654