Indiana University Signs Agreement with the University of Liberia

Bloomington, April 29: At the end of two days of successful meetings, University of Liberia President, Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh, signed an Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation with Indiana University President Adam Herbert.

Dr. Patrick O'Meara, Dean, Indiana University International Programs, congratulates Dr. Al-Hassan Conteh, President of the University of Liberia on the signing of an Agreement of Friendship and Cooperation between the two universities.

Professor Patrick O'Meara, Dean of the Office of International Programs at Indiana University, represented President Herbert for the signing ceremony attended by top University administrators at the Indiana Memorial Union.

Dean O'Meara said the agreement would facilitate an exchange of teaching, research, personnel, students, as well as books and reference materials between the two institutions.

Dr. Conteh and the Senior Program Coordinator of the University of Liberia, Ms. Sedia Massaquoi-Bangoura, visited the Bloomington Campus of Indiana University April 27th and 28th to make the case for rebuilding the University of Liberia.

The University of Liberia has been damaged by more than a decade of fighting and plunder in Liberia. Faculty brain-drain and extensive looting of the institution's facilities and physical plant has disrupted its teaching and research activities.

With the advent of peace in Liberia, following an ongoing intervention by the largest UN peacekeeping mission in the world, Dr. Conteh and his faculty and staff are convinced that the time is ripe to resume the training of Liberian doctors, agriculturists, teachers and lawyers to contribute to the reconstruction of Liberia.

Indiana University has a long relationship with Liberia, dating at least back to the 1930s. Its research scholars, including the late Professor Gus Liebenow and his surviving wife, Beverly, Drs. Ruth and Verlon Stone, Dr. Claude Clegg, and Dr. A.B. Assensoh have worked in Liberia at various times and published many books and articles on Liberia.

Dr. Amos Sawyer, the former President of Liberia's Interim Government of National Unity, is now Research Scholar and Associate Director at Indiana University's Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis.