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Why Mandingoes in Liberia are Labeled "Foreigners"
Arthur B. Dennis

I Differ in Part with B. J. Samukai's Security Reform Proposals

UN chief Jacques Klein departs suddenly, saying much still to be done


Minneapolis shooting victim apparently hit by mistake

Three brothers from Coon Rapids arrived at a south Minneapolis house for a barbecue about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, but the gathering was already over. "So, we sat around on the front lawn, talking and telling jokes like we always do," said Richie Dunbar, 21. Minutes More...


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The Transitional Government should be audited before the inauguration of the next administration. By Amin Modad - It is imperative that the entire Transitional Government be audited and held accountable before the inauguration of the next Government.

A rejoinder to one James J. Jackson's article: Are Oppong hands bloody? Did he sponsor MODEL? by Sheikh Kafumba Dukuly, II


Keynote Address By J. Chris Toe, Ph.D. At the 15th National Convention of the United Bassa Organizations in the Americas (UNIBOA).Long Branch Community Center, in Silver Spring Maryland, May 29, 2005

My Doctor Says My Cholesterol Is High

I have decided to bring to the open one of the many daily issues of discussions from the Liberian community, and the topic of concern to me has to do with, "My doctor says my cholesterol is high". Fellow citizens, before I go any further, let me say I am not your medical doctor, but a poor Liberian veterinarian, meaning an "animal doctor", who happens to read more medical articles than the average Liberian and, therefore, may understand more than y'all.

Liberians: Looking Down on Ghana While It Rises Above Us


ACCRA, Ghana - The road to the beach here twists through dozens of neighborhoods, and every one of them is God-fearing. "Believe in Jesus Electrical Parts Store," says one colorfully painted sign hanging in front of, well, an electrical parts store. "God is Great Catering and Fast Food," says a sign in front of a shack selling cans of Fanta and Coca-Cola and tins of biscuits.


African and Black issues

Rudolf Ogoo Okonkwo

The Second Scramble for Africa


By: James W. Harris

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