Congratulations to the Organizers of the All Liberia National Conference

Now more than ever, Liberians have to unify. We have very little time to make a difference.

Many of those who frequently attend Liberian meetings and conferences described the All Liberian National Conference held this weekend in Columbia, Maryland as “a very successful conference.”


Congratulations to the organizers and to the participants who traveled from as far as Europe, Africa, Canada, Minnesota, Texas, California and others far and near to attend this important conference on Liberia.

Those in attendance were pleasantly surprised with the organization, the quality of the presentations, the cohesiveness during deliberations and as mentioned above, the turnout.

It was great to see Liberians from all walks of life, representing all adult age groups, from varied professions, backgrounds, local, national and international organizations in attendance. What was even more fascinating was that they were all there to PARTICIPATE in discussions on Liberia's multiple social, economical, and political problems and make recommendations for practical solutions, approaches and means.


Although two National Conferences were held on Liberia, it is encouraging to hear that the agreements reached by the organizers of the Columbia Conference are the same agreements the Washington DC Conference concluded and agreed to.

The complain however, that is heard over and over in Washington is that there are many different groups and individuals in the Diaspora (US & Europe) speaking for Liberia. In other words, too many individual voices demonstrating very little unity.

It will not be in the interest of Liberia or the Liberian people, if two different groups approach the same leaders in Washington, the European Union or at the UN regarding similar issues on Liberia.

Now that the two conferences are over and each can boast of successful turnouts and productive sessions, we are saying congratulations to both organizing groups.

We are advocating that both Steering Committees meet and develop a joint committee so that Liberians can speak with a united voice.

It is our hope that the Steering committees of both organizations use this opportunity not for retribution in terms of who was right or wrong, which at this point in time, is not important. What is most important is that the two groups come together, accentuate the commonalties of both conferences in moving forward and do it soon.

If it becomes necessary, the meeting can be facilitated by a third party, trusted by both sides.

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