Why go to school, when an 11th Grader can become president of Liberia?

May 4, 2005

Dear Editor,

I just want to declare to the Liberian public that if George Osman Weah becomes president of Liberia, there will be no need of me furthering my studies at the university. I will also discourage my friends back home in Liberia not to go to school. They can just find a fake university on the net where they can buy degree while others burn candles to study. Having achieved this, I will propose to HIS Excellency, George Osman Manna Weah to close down the University of Liberia and other prominent institutions of learning.

The only person that will be able convince me to advance my studies is Oppong Weah by lecturing the Liberian people on the following topics: The value and importance of education, how deceitful it is to convert from Christianity to Islam and back to Christianity, the impact fake university degrees have on a country, the advantages and disadvantages of having a job experience.

Due to the fact that I love my motherland and would like to see it prosper, I will suggest to those that are saying "YOU GO TO SCHOOL OR NOT, I WILL VOTE FOR HIM" to quit school, become vagrant and roam the streets of Monrovia. Do you know what we get in return? Our country Liberia will become famous for her least educated presidents attending high school lessons at the Executive Mansion while they should be planning for the country. This is not all, we will also set the record for the highest illiteracy rate in the world, our girls will survive by sex-exchange, while our boys will survive by stealing and joining other rebel groups in Africa.

My country men, I am waiting for you to decide my fate during the October 2005 election. Vote for George Oppong Manneh Osman Weah and I will quit school, stay home, do odd jobs, get enough money, come home, buy enough rice for the people of Liberia and tell them I want to become another president, I am convince that they will vote for me, or vote for someone that is fit for the job, who cannot be Christian in one season and Muslim in another, then I will continue my studies and become a Liberian ambassador in Norway.

Christian Tamba Wandalachi Pawa
Liberian Refugee
Bergen Norway

Source: Liberian Observer web site

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