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The Agony and the Glory

This book is a political critique. The analysis and definition are largely about the people, their politics, the intrigues and how all of this has translated into words and deeds that defy description. The 1980 coup d' etat and holocaust, a tragedy of such magnitude, have inspired me to write this political critique and expose of the people, their politics, the intrigues and the sequences of events, which have conspired to cause the Liberian civil disaster.

From this new culture of violence, human rights violation, bloodletting, physical abuse of the human person, spiritual declension, and national degradation in Liberia, the author argues that the time has come to translate all of this drama into words and deeds. Such will remove the Agony and bring new Glory to the Liberian nation and people who have been prostrated and made to languish in a world not composed of the best human species and for many, an unpleasant place in which to be.

About the Author: S. Othello Coleman, a native of Liberia has deliberately kept a low profile preferring to be unassertive rather than active and vocal about matters of politics for which he acquired a distaste after the horrendous political episode in Liberia coupled with the 1955 political tragedy of the Tubman Era that killed his father and brother and which led to his imprisonment.

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The book is available for sale at the UN Drive Supermarket, at the corner of Tubman Bldv. and 15th Street (Telephone. +231-6 511-505) .

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