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This book is about one woman's spiritual and emotional awakening while living to die with SCA, sickle cell anemia disease. How she came to call her beloved disease the Morpher or the Morph for short was because it caused such a metamorphosis in her body, mind and entire overall state. This is about her surrendering journey that forced her, as she stated to be honest with myself about what was really going on with me, within me, and what my role had been, good or bad, telling the truth about living to die with sickle cell anemia disease my entire life, with no holds barred and no bull crap.

This new book tells about one woman’s spiritual, emotional journey while battling sickle cell disease.

For 39 years, Sydatu Tennema Holder lovingly referred to as (Syd) endured the severely painful sickle cell disease. When she was 11, she was inspired by God to write about her experiences living to die with SCD. She died in 2014 but her spiritual journey was preserved through the pages of “THE MORPHER”.

In this moving memoir, Syd told of her physical, emotional, and mentally painful experiences, living to die with sickle cell anemia disease. It is an enlightening account where she revealed a story of courage, long-suffering and triumph through the love and grace of Jesus Christ, the source of her strength.

This book also explains how she came to call her beloved disease the ‘Morpher’ or ‘Morph’ for short and the metamorphosis it caused in her body, mind and entire overall state.

This is a testament of her faith and trust in Jesus Christ, the main factor that grounded her and made her triumphant through this whole losing battle.

“THE MORPHER” reaffirms her tireless belief in God’s love that exchanges suffering (ashes) for beauty and God’s good plan and purpose for everyone that suffers. She said, “With God, nothing happens by chance or accident.”

“THE MORPHER” By Sydatu Holder

  • Hardcover | 6x9in | 106 pages | ISBN 9781514401835 - $24.99

  • Softcover | 6x9in | 106 pages | ISBN 9781514401842 - $15.99

  • E-Book | 106 pages | ISBN 9781514401859 - $3.99

Available online at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris

For availability In Liberia call 0886-563-143

About the Author
Sydatu Tennema Holder, A mild-mannered, soft-spoken, no-nonsense and determined woman, dedicated her life to her family and her creative pursuits.

She was born in Monrovia, Liberia, on October 21, 1974. She was diagnosed with chronic sickle cell anemia disease shortly after her birth.

 In 1980, she relocated from Liberia to the United States with her mother, where she resided until her death on May 31, 2014. She obtained her BBA degree in management from Howard University in Washington, DC, USA, in 1999.
She was an outstanding woman of many talents, including painting, drawing, poetry and other creative endeavors. Truly a spiritual soul, she often said, “I know I will die young, therefore I have to pack in as much living as I can in the time I have left.”

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