Advertising Prices

  • Main Page
  • $100.00 a month (30 days or less w/out picture)
  • $125.00 a month - (30 days or less w/picture
  • $125.00 a month - Flash Animated in left or right column
  • $200.00 a month - Banner Ad (only 6 banners available in any given month) provides the greatest visibility.

Any other page

  • $50.00 a month (30 days or less)

Banner Ad Main Page

  • $200.00 a month 

Death Announcement

  • $50.00 a month (30 days or less)
Send me the information for the announcement or ad to my email address at toadoll@gis.net

Ad / Announcement Format: Should be submitted as a MS Word document , a Text File or as text in the body of an email message to me.


Graphics Format:  Jpeg or Gif files only.

  Turn Around Time for most ads: 48 hours



  • Internet Advertising & Promotions
  • Multimedia Services - recording music and video for the web
  • Web Page Design
  • Web Page Hosting



For more information about web design, hosting and Internet advertising contact Ciata at 

Email: toadoll@gis.net
Phone: 240-417-6212

Designs By Ciata...

I will guide you through the process of:

Acquiring your domain name or hosting your page under an existing site

Registering  your domain name with InterNic


Registering your site with search engines

Streaming Audio and Video

Web Site Design & Hosting

Building content on  your site

Maintaining your site once it has been created

Web Interactivity

CGI Scripts and databases

Chat and Message Boards

Online Conference Rooms

Internet Advertising and Promotions

To get started on your web page or Internet ad today, contact Ciata at toadoll@gis.net

I will get the job done by your deadline date!


 Your ad will be online within 48 hours.

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Pay For Your Ad With A Major Credit Card

Visa ,MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and e-Check

Email: toadoll@gis.net Tel: 240-417-6212 STATS - 12/1/98 - 1/1/02


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