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Link ID: 000000107
Name: Liberian Community Nederland
URL: http://www.libcomnet.net

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Votes: 6
Mean: 9.83/10.00

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Emma Harris
5/21/2003 10 We now have a place in cyberspace to discuss our country's issues. Let us all join the efforts. Thank you, LibcomNed Staff.
Yvone Dijkstra
7/25/2003 10 I am not Liberian, but I find this website to be one of the best African sites. I have some Gambia friends and they and I agreed that Libcomned is a right cyber place for Africans to voice their thoughts. My friend sent an article to the the Libcomned website management, and the article was published exactly as it was written; nothing added or subtracted. So the website is what the motto says: "Think freely; speak what you think".
Eddie Gilman
8/3/2003 9 I hope this will only serve the purpose of gathering useful and concrete ideals for a future Liberia. I would hate it if Liberians and others merely use this link to throw assults at each other.
6/21/2004 10 I'm not Liberian, but I do dearly value this web site. It says the truth, and it doesn't fear to do so! Thats what we need in Africa...
9/12/2004 10 Thank you very much, my country men and women. Let us join forces to defeat the evil forces that made us to fight against each other!!!






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