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August 2017

Elijah Joborju Tarpeh

Walter Olufumi Cole

Theresa Nahdi Kennedy

Princess Brittany Yates

Maria Chaingblah Wah

Clarence Siaka Paasewe

Kumba Marie Menjor

Ruth Wulah Tugbeh

Wyvanne Tete Addy Browne

Esther Tardy Pratt Davis

July 2017

P. Bennett Toe Sr.

Kerkula Marka Yekeson

George Washington Askie, Sr.

Joel M. Cassell Sr.

Pandora Landford- Shorrow


Laurine Wede Smith

Michael Edward Snetter

Raymond Budu Quartey

Emelia McCarthy Manjoe

Mamie Gordon Cooper

Wesley Nathaniel Bailey, Jr

J. Benedictus Barr Sr.

Francis B. Cooper, Sr.

Martha T. Cooper

Comfort Jerso Arku Kollie

Luna Grace Wahnimledi Elliott Munis

Daniel Ballah Battaforyen

Jimmy Korgar

James Lamark Cox, Sr.

Samuel George David Macfoy

Zean Vick Nelson

Humphrey M. Vanpelt

Philip Fanieh Robinson

Martha Wehma Yayee Campbell

Margaret Louise Banks- Pratt

Memorial Service for Wesley Z. Johnson Jr.

Esther Nimely Tarpeh

Rayel Jelani Kofi Jallah

J. Benedictus Barr Sr.

Patricia D Cummings

A. Baltimore Thomson, Jr.

June 2017

Victoria Ekua Otto

Roosevelt S. Jordan

Hederick Henry Pogbetha Barlay

James B. Gibson Jr.

Margaret Davis

Joseph Gonkarnu Gono, Sr.

James Saygbeh Akoi Sr.

Alexander Emmanuel Nyema Jones

Jalo Edwin White

Joseph M. C. Marshall

Jeanette Lewis-Harding

Maria Catherine Woods – Brownell

Veriata Gbee Poneys-Teah

Jeanette B. Thorpe-Lewis

Lena Elvira Omotinuke Johnson

Curtis Rene Jarrett

Albert Maxwell

Helen W. Davies

Rose E. Cooper Gargar

Sarietta Watchen Thomas

Ernest T Kokolee Sr.

Annette Albertha Hollowonger Goodridge Murray-Floyd

May 2017

Joseph M. N. Gbadyu

Tee Henry Wulu Currens

Svend E. Holsoe

Jannie Bayo Zam Redd Wright

Anna N. Sherman

Eliza Popo Wade Cummings

Naomi Syeanea Jamesetta Fredericks

Mariama Kemokai

Aurelia W. Birch

Bandu Maah Johnson

Patrick Sylvester Johnson

John Larmie Tolbert

John Gbonoguor Kortu

 James Willie Page

Zwannah Baigaina Johnson

Ephraim W. Smallwood, Jr.

Lily A. O. Thomas

Emma Advertine Louise Hoff-Gbarbea

Christopher R. Wureh

Joyce”Teata” Jackson

Lydia Jane Jones

Charles Tugbe Dortu


Sarah Manedeh Johnson

Igolima Tubobelem Dagogo Amachree

April 2017

Adelaide Harriett McGill

Ellen Antoinette Melton, II.

Barbara Ann Norwood - Morkomana

Anna Marjuahn Horace-Smith

Edith Simujlah Momie Wallace

Jaqueline Doma Massa Gray

Claudia Keni Burphy Addison

Henry Jerome Eastman (Buku)

Solomon C. Gochera

Marduo kolu Gayflowu Payzine

Dorothea Chaddie McCrumada

Alexander B. Choloh

Jamesetta M. Kamara 

Agnes Theresa Mason Hoff

G. Gediminar Flomo

Joyce Nou-Akeh Gbanda

Theophilus Chapman Gould


Theresa Hawa Hughes Davis

William Dioh Neufville

Amara Richard Sirleaf Jr.

James Koffa Gayflor

March 2017

Levi Wlah Keah

Ruth Beverly Nyenchie Weah Amah

Wesley Zuannah Johnson, Jr.

Konah Russell Blackett

William E. "Bill" Autry, Jr.

Flossy Luke King

Samuel D. Glover Sr.

William F. Stewart, Sr.

Bombo K. Alan Sr.

Robert Sirquiah Wulah

Mary Victoria Taylor Helms

Ayo William Browne

Violet Thompson Richmond

Eve Selina Armstrong Lewis

Randolph Ambolai Sirleaf

Gmelina Marilyn Thornes

Augustus Gjyude Hare

Benjamin Too Collins Jr.

Mamie Lydia Kwah

Florence Kaziah Rose-Crawford

Alexander Blamo Wollor

Samuel G Dahn, Sr.

John Pius Kwesie Onumah

George Alexander Grimes, Sr.

James Elijah Cooper (Billy)

Mildred Karpeh

February 2017


Maude Jamesetta Railey Cooper

Agnes Scere Marshall

Mulbah S. Jallah

Elizabeth N. Wreh

Trandleh Tarlobah Boe

Sylvanus M. Massaquoi

Samford Dennis

Alice D. Roberts

Joseph Samuel “Boko” Dunbar


Pauline Healia Franklin

Doris Holder Fagan Blackett

Phebe Yeplah Doe-Kamei 

Maria P. Wilson

Paah (Napah) Borsay

Daniletta Maima Griggs Glenn

Esther Freeman Obiamiwe

Ekie L. (Toweh) Vanderhost

Moriah D. Jappah

January 2017

Willie Saywon Gbojueh

Dorothy Frances Blamah

Alvin Ernest Jones

George Massa Arku

Rebecca Denise Scott

Kamah Varney

Gamaliel Marcus (VON) Kelley

Susanna Barleh Tumu

Elizabeth (“Liz”) Nimene

Lorpu P. Paye

Marie Beverly Sandi Zuomie

Esther Flowers Gaye


Samuel J. Doe Sr.

Kula K. Roberts-Yeekoyou

Cecil Renard Benton, II

Patrick Kla Wreh

Memorial Service for Cecelia Lucelia Williams

Irene Bassey Freeman

Isabella Derian “ Belle” Weah-Nelson

William Henry Witherspoon Sr.

George Alanzo Corbin

Mardea Karngar Gonseh

Ahmed Clifford Hutchinson

Massaquoi Kotay

Joseph N. Seimah Jr.

Ruth Sando Fahnbulleh Perry

George Boyour Mitchell

Magdaline Cooper Johnson

Marjuwen Arthurine Cooper

Etta Duoe Johnny

Evangeline Domah Bendu Varnah

George W. Thompson

Henrietta J. Moore Bryant Pedersen

D. Erasmus Gongar

December 2016

Marie Ethel Dennis Phillips

Alfred Mannie Dousuah

G. Solomon Gueh

Rushu Karnga

Memorial Service in Remembrance of
Mrs. Bendu E. R. Moore

Joyce Holder Fränkel

Kolu Smith Sherman

Everlee Kou Morris-Bartuah

Rufus G. Evans

Cecelia Araminta Cox-Dixon

Edith Louise Bright

Mark J. Richards Jr.

Agnes Bonyonnoh Nimeme- Daniels

Cecilia Williams Gaye

Albertina A Watson-Reffell

Thomas Z. Clark

Morris Jeneka Thomas

Ciatta Fatu Jerusha Dukuly-Demby

Tonia Bertha Duncan

Tenneh Nauppa Reeves Logan

Elizabeth Morie Littell

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In Loving Memory of

Mrs.  Kaddie  W. Jalloh- Chineh

In Fond Memory of a Loving Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Sister, Genuine Friend and Much More!!!
One year ago, today August 19, 2017, our lives changed sudden unexpectedly.  We will never be whole again.   We will live with the emptiness of the hole in our hearts.  You will never be forgotten.
Rest in perfect peace Our Love.



Memorial Mass Celebrating the Life Of Dr. A. E. Nyema Jones

August 4,1932 – June 17, 2017

Saturday, August 26, 2017 @ 11 a.m., Chicago, Illinois, USA at:




In Loving Memory of
Mrs. Agnes Mason-Hoff
Sunrise: May 30, 1927 - Sunset: April 17, 2017

Please join the family and friends for a Memorial Service Honoring the Life of our Loving Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Sister, Aunty, Cousin and Friend.
Saturday, August 26, 2017 @12:30pm
First Evangelical Lutheran Church
3604 Chatham Road
Ellicott City, MD 21042



In Loving Memory
In this 100th year of his birth, the children of the late E. Reginald Townsend   honor and celebrate in remembrance of their father. 
July 23, 1917 - April 22, 1980



Sweet and Loving Memory of Mother Mary Ledlow Anderson, Affectionately: “Mother Dear, Medea, Aunty Mary, & Ma Mary”
Dawn: July 21, 1927 – Dusk: May 17, 2016

A year ago, our dearest Mother Mary Ledlow Anderson, an ordinary woman from humbled beginnings who did extraordinary things, answered that clarion call to join the heavenly chorus. She (Mother Dear, Medea, Aunty May, Ma Mary) was a vehicle of God’s goodness; and a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunty, friend, and a good neighbor without borders.



In Loving Memory of Joseph "Kpah" Dougan


December 22, 1960 - May 2, 2016


We love you with all our hearts. You were our best friend and our hero. We miss your good spirit, warm heartiness, love that you had for your family and friends. Although you had a quiet personality, your presence was always known. You had so many amazing qualities, especially, remembering everyone’s birthday and digging up old family histories. Read more...



In Loving Memory of Lesley Maude Smith
October 19, 1961   -   April 1, 2016  

Hello Lesley. Since your departure, things have not been the same for me. Not a day goes by, I don’t think about you and the wonderful times we shared together. I miss loving you and in your special ways, loving me back over the years. Your friends, our friends, your family and my mother talked about that special love we had for each other. My hope was for us to grow old together, hold hands on the porch of the house in our rocking chairs, reminisce about yesteryears, present and the future, as we watch up-comers go to and from their daily activities but God thought otherwise and had a different plan.

On weekends, you made it your duty to make calls to your siblings and Aunties (in and out of the USA) because you were too much of a family oriented person. Your family misses those loving calls and your precious graceful laughs. Often times, we take things for granted until they are no more.



In Loving Memory of Rev. Nathaniel B. Fiamahn
December 28, 1952 – March 11, 2016

Wow! It has been a year already. On June 19, 1999, we made our vows before God and Man to love and to cherish each other till death do us part. But on March 11, 2016, death did us part when you went home to rest in your father’s mansion that you worked so hard for on earth. Your journey to heaven has left me with emptiness, and a deep hole in my heart. My heart is breaking everyday, but I am learning to live with it and trusting in God for comfort and strength.



In loving memory of Grace Addy-Cooper
November 13, 1962 – December 21, 2015

My Amazing Grace, the hand of time has reminded us that one year ago on December 21, 2015, the Lord saw it fit to take you home.  You left a vacuum and an empty house. The pain of losing you has not gone away. I have shed my tears. I smile and I laugh when I think about the happy times. I tried to forget the past and move on but reality shows its ugly face and brings back the pain. Sometimes I try to put on a mask that makes everything seem alright but the nightmares just don’t seem to go away. Some nights I hear creaking from the upper level and wonder if it is you checking to see whether I am taking care of your house. I know your spirit lingers with us every day. Read more...


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