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January 2019

Abraham Brooks Massalley

Portia Lee Thomas

Sarah Victoria Gould

Yampu Louise Carter Chelley

Pearl A. Weah-Nelson

James M. S. Kyne

Charlene Aimesa Reeves

Aletha Tita Robertson

Victoria Sonnie Gargo Digen Tellewoyan

Mustapha Boima Stephen Kroma, Sr.

Ora Augustus Simpson-Titus

Itinerary for the burial of Ruth Gibson Caesar

Rosetta E. Junius

Johantz MacWillard Caine, Sr.

Ellen Mardia Gibson

Paul Elton Mulbah, Sr.

Jefferson Konah Coleman

John Hnebe Landford

Josephine Damasine Manneh

Miama Cooper Thomas Simmons

Sophia Kaffee Quire

A. Benjamin Sanvee, Sr.

Thomas M. Eastman


Fredrick Sayon Gbegbe

Davina Roxane Daniels

Rebecca Hawa Jeh-Jeh Johnson

Joe W Garba

Andrew W. Gepei, Sr.

Myrtle Cheryl Brewer (Pudding)

December 2018

Adeline Cooper Cheah

Charlene Naomi Roberts

Magdalene Hedoh Neal, affectionately called Hilda Neal

Lucinda Allison (aka MaLue)

Ruth Jolonie Chiedee Gray

Augusta Victoria Freeman

Romeo N. Ezike

Saah Diamond Varney

Washtina W. Morris

Carolyn M. Anderson, (Rees)

Bindu Taylor Cooper

Lawrence Tamba Ngawor

Estelle Coleman Peters

Bernard Alexander Gibson, Sr. aka Billy Gibson

Dogba K. Norris, Sr.

Clarice Kayata Diggs Johnson

Thomas Sahr Mayah

Yarnee Logan

Irene Gibson

Memorial Service for Omar Jefferson Bambara

Rebecca (Becky) Nagbeh Gbor Johnson

John S. Varfley, Jr.

Ruth Gibson Caesar


Victor K. Prall

Emmanuel T. Dolo

Nmonjay N. Zamgba-Kai

Emma Okai-Kaba

Charlotte Morais Lama

Sarah Frank Gabbidon


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To my loving husband Wesley:

Today we would have celebrated together our 36th Wedding Anniversary. My heart so aches for you. You were a wonderful gift from God so i cannot question his decision to take you back for He is sovereign.  I know your soul has found a resting place. Rest In Peace and thank you for being a caring and loving husband. 
Missing you so much!

Forever yours Louise

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