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May 2019

Richard Boston-Griffiths, Sr.

Margaret Doris Linda Thomas-Wilson

Yei Gonyonner Gausi

Harmon Leroy Totimeh Sr.

Rosalyn Perrine Mayme Benjamin Poindexter Stewart

Catherine Kumba Viskinda

Rose Beatrix Monger Gray


Emmanuel D. Taye

Pollag Kollie

Marlon Kronyahn Weefur

Edwin James Dunbar Sr.

Emma Leamu Jensen Cooper

Rose Jamels Murray

Roosevelt Dunmore Urey

Dolly Siah Johnson

Euphemia T. Crayton

Anthony W. Blidi

Henry Decee Tomah Jr.

Konah Lawrence Parker

Hannah Bush

Jewel Verdelle Knuckles-Ashiq

Whiema Tate-Wonasue

April 2019

Esther Meannu

Yanquoi Moluwai Subah

Joseph Hweye Constance

Samuel Ballah Thomas Sr.

C. Wellington Taylor SR.,

Solomon Davis, Sr.

Augustine M. Kimba

Juliet Teta Innis

Dinah Mahdee Nyesuah-Freeman

Brilliant Taylor Acolatse

Levi Papee Morris

Ethel Dunbar Knuckles Wah

William “Burbur” Sanigular

Mark B. Gibson Sr.

Nancy Antoinette Marshall Ross

Jonathan Siafa Minah Johnson

John Lafayette Dennis

March 2019

Ernest Alpha Davies

Philomena Silva-Bryant

Rebecca Kamara


Eranus Kpanteh Davies

Counsellor Sarah Johnette Gibson

Watchie Kormah Gray

Mardia Geraldine Mitchell Gray

Adolph Akwe Lawrence

Martin Wollor Siklo

Rachel Clark-Hill

Rebecca Ploe Haines

Francis Burns Dunbar, Sr.

Annie Johnson Goll

Jonathan Momo

Edith Verdier-Seward

Kuluboh N. Dalai Jensen

Miata Massaquoi Payne

Daniel K. Wollo, Sr.

Charleston Snohsio Ryan Russell



James Emmons Coleman, II

Elaine Clarke Witherspoon

Hne P.S. Nyemah

Jehu James Brandy, Sr.

Sarah Helen Merchant-Toe

Gabriel Wesseh Weah Sr.

Sophie Wyanti Lardner

Joseph D. Kofa

Rachel Bertha Richardson Faulkner

Rundell B. Hill

Ronald Joseph Diggs

February 2019

Salee Youngor Gogbeh


Ismael Grante Roberts, Sr.

Etmonia Williams -Roberts

Marilyn K. Robertson

Blaise Joshua Okale-Weeks

Gilbert O. Okotie

Jocelia Y. Dougbe

Momo “MO” Ranoll Sambola Memorial Service

Simeon N. Cheeks

Nelson Diaw Browne

Edna Soma Giddings

Grace G. Kun (Idowu)

Miama Zoe Dabbah Smith Dougbah-Pyne

James A. Bishop

Dovey Paulita Sharpe

Elizabeth Wesu Harmon

Christian H Hooke, Jr.

Oritha Marjay Karpeh

Amelia Mary Kollie Zor

Tanteepo Kenneth Moulton

January 2019

Ethel Rose Dennis

Ann Teetee Ware

Dolly Dennis Urey Cooper

Eliza Nyanforde Elliott 

Lorway Y. Dokie

Velma Wede Davies Okoro

Victoria Kromah Duncan

Issac Collins Howe

Mai Barclay Roberts

Kormassah Miller

Mary G. DeLine-Okai

Della Shaw Lee

Kula J. Tolbert

Vyrlyn Evelyn Warsaw

Charles Alexander Johnson, Jr.

Selina Garmai-Yuku Lape Nelson


Sarah Fanga Kokolee

Jonah Ninsel Warner

Marion Tawah Caillendee

Kollie Selleh Thomson

Ellen Roberts

Abraham Brooks Massalley

Portia Lee Thomas

Sarah Victoria Gould

Yampu Louise Carter Chelley

Pearl A. Weah-Nelson

James M. S. Kyne

Charlene Aimesa Reeves

Aletha Tita Robertson

Victoria Sonnie Gargo Digen Tellewoyan

Mustapha Boima Stephen Kroma, Sr.

Ora Augustus Simpson-Titus

Itinerary for the burial of Ruth Gibson Caesar

Rosetta E. Junius

Johantz MacWillard Caine, Sr.

Ellen Mardia Gibson

Paul Elton Mulbah, Sr.

Jefferson Konah Coleman

John Hnebe Landford

Josephine Damasine Manneh

Miama Cooper Thomas Simmons

Sophia Kaffee Quire

A. Benjamin Sanvee, Sr.

Thomas M. Eastman


Fredrick Sayon Gbegbe

Davina Roxane Daniels

Rebecca Hawa Jeh-Jeh Johnson

Joe W Garba

Andrew W. Gepei, Sr.

Myrtle Cheryl Brewer (Pudding)

December 2018

Adeline Cooper Cheah

Charlene Naomi Roberts

Magdalene Hedoh Neal, affectionately called Hilda Neal

Lucinda Allison (aka MaLue)

Ruth Jolonie Chiedee Gray

Augusta Victoria Freeman

Romeo N. Ezike

Saah Diamond Varney

Washtina W. Morris

Carolyn M. Anderson, (Rees)

Bindu Taylor Cooper

Lawrence Tamba Ngawor

Estelle Coleman Peters

Bernard Alexander Gibson, Sr. aka Billy Gibson

Dogba K. Norris, Sr.

Clarice Kayata Diggs Johnson

Thomas Sahr Mayah

Yarnee Logan

Irene Gibson

Memorial Service for Omar Jefferson Bambara

Rebecca (Becky) Nagbeh Gbor Johnson

John S. Varfley, Jr.

Ruth Gibson Caesar


Victor K. Prall

Emmanuel T. Dolo

Nmonjay N. Zamgba-Kai

Emma Okai-Kaba

Charlotte Morais Lama

Sarah Frank Gabbidon


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Commemorating the First Anniversary of Counsellor David A. B. Jallah’s Earthly Departure

Many significant dates that we usually shared as a family have passed since that heart wrenching early-morning telephone call that introduced a void which can never be filled. That moment was indescribable! Today, May 21st, marks the First Anniversary of your sudden passing. We missed you immensely; you will always be missed, especially when those days come when we would have been celebrating with you or when we would have at least heard your voice over the phone. Every day is different since you were so suddenly taken from us, but those special days are the most difficult. Only the Lord Almighty will finally walk us through the grieving process, which has been unbearable knowing you are now amongst those who have departed this world.

We loved you fiercely while you were here with us and we will always love you. The hurt of your sudden passing is still unbearable. Not a day goes by without reflecting on how we were as a family. We will always have you in our hearts as we move through our next phase of life without you here with us.

Dave Jallah, Dave, The Father, Father, Daddie – we miss you so much. May your soul rest in eternal peace with our Lord Jesus.

All of our Love – From your Widow & Children



Forever In Our Hearts.

On The Anniversary Of The Day That You Went Away.

You left us one year ago on, April 26, 2018 in Liberia. We realized, in a blink of an eye, everything can change. Death leaves a heartache that no one can heal. Not a day goes by that you are not on our minds. Oh how we constantly think of you. Your memories will always keep us smiling.



Thanks and Appreciation from the Family of Tanteepo Kenneth Moulton

Our Deepest Appreciation

We want you all to know that we really appreciated all of you, who through your presence, financial contributions, moral and physical support, and comforting words, you made before and during the Celebration and Thanksgiving Service for the glorious home going of our son, brother, nephew, grand son, loved one and our dear friend, Tanteepo Kenneth Moulton. We were blessed and pray God’s blessings for you all.

We love  you all and may Tanteepo find eternal rest and peace in the arms of Jesus. RIP Kenny from the Moulton, Eastman, Smith and Punni, families.


In Loving Memory

"We missed you Jacquelyn, although your soul is at rest, and your body free from pain, the world would be like heaven for us if we had you back again. You are always in our thoughts, no matter where we go or whatsoever we are doing. You are always in our heart because we love you so dearly.
It been a year since your passing and no matter what we do your memory lives with us and we still remember you. . .

Rest in Perfect Peace Jacquelyn Natasha Greene”

Mrs. Jacquelyn Natasha Greene, BSc, RN, MPH
Sunrise: Dec 4, 1964 - Sunset: March 11, 2018



A Message From the Family of Irene Gibson
Sunrise: 10/13/1943 - Sunset: 12/12/2018

The family of Irene Gibson, affectionately called Teta Irene, Ma Irene, extend our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all relatives and friends, the clergy, the funeral director and staff, sympathizers, and coordinators for their assistance, prayers, concern, financial contributions, food and attendance at the funeral of our mother, grandmother, sister, aunty, cousin, friend and relative.
 Your words of encouragement, manifested through personal visitations, phone calls, email, text messages, sympathy cards, financial and in-kind contributions helped us in our grief. 
We cannot thank you enough for your many acts of kindness, however we are eternally grateful for all you did to ease our pain during our bereavement.
May God continue to shower blessing upon you and yours.
Rest in Peace Ma Irene.
The family




The Family of ELLEN MURIEL ROBERTS wishes to extend its heartfelt THANKS AND APPRECIATION to all relatives and friends, the clergy, Grace Episcopal Church, Little White Chapel, the prayer lines, Roseline Cooper for the dress, Ebenezer Sowah for the artwork, Henry Teage for the program design, the funeral director and staff, the caterers, DJ, organist, singers, ushers, pall bearers and coordinators for their assistance, prayers, concern, financial contributions, food and attendance at the funeral of our mother, grandmother, sister, aunty, cousin, friend and relative.

 Your words of encouragement, manifested through the many phone calls, email, sympathy cards and visitation helped us in our grief. 
We can not thank you enough for your many acts of kindness, however we are eternally grateful for all you did to ease our pain during our bereavement. Thank you and may God bless you!

In thankfulness! THE FAMILY

In Memory of Samuel B. Peabody

Four years ago today, February 26, 2015, my son went on a journey. He has not returned to this date. I believe that he found a resting place. Where he sat to rest, he saw his Aunty Kumba coming. Hopefully they are now both together resting and taking care of each other.

For those of us who have not started that journey, we are still perplexed, disturbed and distraught that as of now, they have not returned.

My heart was, our hearts were, broken in more than a million pieces. I have tried over the years to put the pieces together. They seem not to have fitted as yet.

To begin the process of healing, I visited your apartment for the first time in these four years; two weeks ago. The intent of that visit was to have your things finally removed, and to see your room as you once lived in it.

Nothing makes sense to me.  Only God knows why!

As we continue to grieve, and my heart still bleeding  We just want to say that we love you in death as we loved you in life.

I love you and will always remain proud of you.



In Memory of James Francis Clarke Jr.
August 3, 1958 - February 23, 2009



In Ever Loving Memory
Moriah D. Jappah

August 31, 1935 – February 4, 2017

Their Love Leaves an Indelible Imprint
By Leo Buscaglia

I know for certain
that we never lose the people we love,
even to death.

They continue to participate in every act,
thought and decision we make.

Their love leaves an indelible imprint
in our memories.
We find comfort in knowing
that our lives have been enriched
by having shared their love.”


A Message From the Family of Sarah Frank Gabbidon

The family of Sarah Frank Gabbidon affectionately called Ma Sarah, extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all friends and sympathizers who, through personal visitations, telephone calls, emails, text messages, financial and in-kind contributions identified with them during the period of their bereavement.

May God continue to shower blessing upon you and yours.

Rest in Peace Ma Sarah.

The family


To my loving husband Wesley:

Today we would have celebrated together our 36th Wedding Anniversary. My heart so aches for you. You were a wonderful gift from God so i cannot question his decision to take you back for He is sovereign.  I know your soul has found a resting place. Rest In Peace and thank you for being a caring and loving husband. 
Missing you so much!

Forever yours Louise


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