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Mr. John Jonathan Tetelmah Caphart
Sunrise: September 8, 1952 – Sunset: October 11, 2016

The Late John Jonathan Tetelmah Caphart was born on September 8, 1952; unto the union of Mr. Isaac Caphart, who predeceased him; and Madam Mahkplay Sayweh of Zewoh, who survives him, at the Firestone Medical Center, Margibi County, Republic of Liberia.

Jonathan, affectionately called Tetelmah, started his primary education in Sein-yon-kpah, Mt. Barclay in 1954. Upon completion of Kindergarten in 1958, he was taken to Harbel, Margibi County by his father, the Late Isaac Caphart, Sr. who was employed with the Firestone Plantation Company, to attend the Firestone School System in 1959.

After some time in Firestone, Tetelmah was taken to Monrovia by his elder brother, the Late George Gbono Caphart, where he attended the G.W. Gibson Jr. High School, where he completed his Jr. High Education in 1976. He returned to Firestone and enrolled at the E. Reginald Thompson High School in Unification Town, Lower Margibi County in 1976. After three years of hard studies, he successfully graduated with flying colors in 1979.

The Late Jonathan T. Caphart left Firestone for Monrovia, where he began to work with Parker Paint, in Wood Camp, Paynesville City. After several years of service with the entity, he left Parker Paint in 1983 and was taken as a Cadet to the Montserrat General Mechanic (MGM), which was opposite the Free Port of Monrovia (NPA), by one of his cousins, Mr. Amos Hoods. While an employee of MGM, and not being satisfied with only a High School Education, Jonathan matriculated to the Lincoln College of Professional Studies, where he earned a Diploma in Accounting in 1994.

After a few years of honest and diligent service at MGM, the late Jonathan T. Caphart was appointed Office Assistant to Mr. Amos Hoods for the same entity. He held this position until 2000, when the company ceased operations due to the Liberian civil conflict.
Tetelmah was very creative. One day, while growing up in Harbel, Jimmy, the local Camp maintenance man instructed his crew to get rid of our cup cars Tetelmah had labored to construct. While Tetelmah was crying, Vaiyon (Reggie), a toddler then, quickly descended from his father’s lap and attacked Jimmy, who was surprised by being attacked by a toddler. Then our father explained to Jimmy why Vaiyon had attacked him, and that saved our cup cars. Tetelmah could also play football (Soccer).  His football name was Sionkhay Pekin – named after the village we came from.

In 1997 the Late Jonathan T. Caphart became a member of the Blackton United Methodist Church of Grebo Town, Careysburg, Montserrado County. He served the Church in various capacities; first, as Lay Leader, later as Financial Secretary, and finally as President of the Men’s Department – a position which he held until his passing.

Before his sudden death, Tetelmah became seriously ill and was taken into sick bush for a while. He returned home after he regained his health, and due to the long commute from Paynesville to Grebo Town in Careysburg, he decided to affiliate with the J.J. Powell United Methodist Church in his Paynesville Community. This was where he attended church services before his sudden death.

Mr. Jonathan Tetelmah Caphart leaves to mourn his passing his wife, Mondaymah Caphart, his mother, Mahkplay, his children, Joetta, Ellen, Edna, Timothy, Elijah, Mitchen, Tina, Tea, and Remember; his grandchildren, Gladys, Romeo, Diamond, Ramsey, Mardea, Trokon, Sonnie, Jonathan, and Joanna; his siblings, Martha Yeatee, Reggie Gonzaga Vaiyon (Anastasia), Emma Yodeh, Nathaniel Alfred (Shirley), Richard Sarday (Christiana), Annie, Randolph Deddeh (Cecelia), Jehu Emmanuel, Mardea, Boikai, Satday, Dorhgar, Dehngar, Kondahjay, and Mondaymah; his nieces and nephews, Theresa “TC”, Tomah, Rockie, Mardea, Mini, Thomas, Cecile, Teeta, Anthony “Big Daddy”, Tony “Small Daddy”, Antoinette “Mammah”, Togar “Princo”, Trokon “Botch”, Gardea, Tenezee, Feeta Janjay, Vaiyon Youjay “VY”, Lorpue “Eeyea”, Jane “Jimmah”, Eliza Dehkontee, Patience, Shadrach, Dehkontee, Richard Jr., Bikpan Chukie Sarday, Reuben Fahnia, Benedict Saylaye, Lucas Garmonwohn Cornelius Sarday, Glaypaugar Alphaeus, Magnus,  Melvin, Andrei, Banica, Randolph Jr., Nymoneh, Ruzana, Teeta, Toma, Musu, Prince, Emma, Cheendeh, and Wluwondah; an aunt (Zoe Gbonzue Dennis), cousins and a host of relatives, friends and well-wishers. His first wife, Tupee Caphart; his daughter, Joanna Caphart; his father, Mr. Isaac Caphart, Sr.; his brother, Mr. George Gbono Caphart; and his sister, Mrs. Dekontee Caphart Elliott predeceased him.


Funeral On Saturday October 29, 2016 at 8:00AM, the remains of the late Jonathan Te-Tellmah will be taken from the Alfred N. Butler Funeral Parlor in Bernard Farm, Paynesville to the Blackton United Methodist Church in Grebo Town, Lower Careysburg, where his funeral service will be held beginning at 9:00AM.

Interment will take place at the Mt. Barclay Cemetery in Wakor Junction, Sein-yon-kpah Community, Mt. Barclay, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia.

Immediately following the Burial, family and well-wishers are invited to the Caphart compound in Mt. Barclay for a Repast.


  • Martha Caphart 978-221-5460
  • Reggie Caphart 718-815-1106
  • Emma Caphart 06-593946
  • Nathaniel Caphart 06-478644
  • Richard Caphart, Sr. 077-519463
  • Randolph Caphart 06-564643
  • Jehu Caphart 06-903038
  • Mardea N. Caphart 06-642646