Mr. Emodinga Emodu Momolu

The Momolu family regrets to announce the sudden death of our dear son, brother, father, and uncle, Mr. Emodinga Emodu Momolu, commonly known as E. E. Momolu.

At age 51, E. E. went to rest in peace on Tuesday, April 26, 2005, at the St. Joseph's Catholic Hospital in Monrovia.

E. E. was a former employee of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, a former county surveyor for Grand Cape Mount County, past Chairman of Invincible Eleven (I. E. - Montserrado County Branch). He lastly worked as a private surveyor.

He's survived by Ma Solieh, his Mother; Jenneh, his wife; his children Rev. Barbi E. E., Jr.; Quemorlu; Ambrose; and Solieh Momolu; his brother Barbi; his sisters Morlu, Senyan, Hena, Sando, Kpehe, Lusu, Fata and Korpo Momolu, all of Monrovia.

E. E. also left to mourn a host of other relatives, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, friends, associates, and loved ones, in Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea, London, U.S.A., Liberia, and elsewhere, including his sister Argbah Momolu of Hyattsville, Maryland; Cousins Massaquoi M. Kamara of Adelphi, Maryland; Helen M. Fosso of Silver Spring, Maryland; Kolu M. Hardy of Atlanta, Georgia; Tom Dormah of New Jersey and Sister-In-Law Sobondo Bongorli of Hyattsville, Maryland.

Funeral services are as follows:
May 17, 2005 at 8 a.m. removal of body from the Good Shepherd Funeral Home.
May 17, 2005 at 8:45 wake keeping and funeral services at Christ the King Parish, Gaye Town, Old Road.
May 17, 2005 Internment follows at Paynesville Town Hall Cemetery, Paynesville, Monrovia.

Condolences and greetings can be channeled via:

  • Mr. J. Sando Momolu Monrovia, Liberia Telephone #: 6-513-234
  • Mr. Barbi Momolu Monrovia, Liberia Telephone #: 6-511-658
  • Ms. Argbah Momolu Hyattsville, Maryland Telephone #: 240-752-2151
  • Ms. Helen M. Fosso Silver Spring, Maryland Telephone #: 301-445-3335
  • Ms. Sobondo Bongorli Hyattsville, Maryland Telephone #: 301-853-2187

Signed by Argbah Momolu for the Momolu family