Mr. George Gbormie Toweh

The Toweh family announces with profound regret, the death of Mr. George Gbormie Toweh. He was 80 years old. This sad event occurred on Monday April 25, 2005, in Monrovia, Liberia. He was predeceased by his wife, Mrs. Mary Zondo Toweh in 1997.

Mr. George G. Toweh is survived by his children in the US, Liberia, Malawi, Guinea and Ghana including Albertha Johnson, Hannah Harris, Freeman Toweh, Gorlon Toweh, Eldridge Marvin (Mellish) Ketter, Hannah Gailah, Lee Toweh, Mercy Benson, Ruthann K. Toweh, Dr. Solomon H. Toweh, Roselyn M. Toweh, Joanne Toweh-Gorgor, Ramona W. Harris, Kathy D. Mhango, G. Alphonso Toweh, Judy Toweh and Worwoe Toweh among others; brothers Dr. Daniel B. Toweh and Jimmie Dennis, sisters Ma Gartaye Toweh, Mary Queblayakpor Toweh, Mearl Narlea Bahn and many others. He's also survived by many grand and great grand children, nephews (including Mr. S. Gblorzuo Toweh), nieces and a host of relatives and friends.

Mr. Toweh served the Liberian Government in many capacities including District Commissioner of Tchien District, Eastern Province and of Salala District, Central Province, County Attorney, Nimba County and Paramount Chief of Boe-Quilla Chiefdom, Tappita District, Nimba County.

Wake-keeping is slated for Monrovia Friday May 20 and Saturday May 21 in Toweh Town.

Internment will be in Toweh Town, Liberia on Sunday May 22, 2005.


  • Dr. Daniel B. Toweh 763-533-7311
  • Ruthann Toweh 011-265-994-6547
  • Dr. Solomon H. Toweh 301-203-4520
  • Roselyn Toweh 678-422-6643
  • Joanne Toma Toweh 770-389-7310
  • Ramona Toweh Harris 816-353-6020
  • G. Alphonso Toweh 011-231-566-0127/011-231-655-1016
  • Kathy Toweh Mhango 011-265-991-7887