Thomas H. Johnson II

The Johnson Family regrets to announce the passing of Thomas H. Johnson II, affectionately known as, T. Hillary Johnson. His death occurred August 13, 2005 in Sasstown Montsorrado County, Monrovia, Liberia. Thomas H. Johnson was born April 3, 1923. He was the son of Thomas and Hawah Johnson both deceased.

Two days after, August 15, 2005 the family was struck yet by a second death. The death of Colston S. Johnson the son of T. Hillary Johnson, who cared for him while he was ill. Colston was born October 24,1984. They leave to mourn a host of relatives and friends, who were blessed with their laugther and kindness.

Funeral arrangement will be announced later.

For further information please contact:

Hawah Johnson@617- 653-8511
Rosevette Sam Smith 217-476-8867
Ben Johnson @ 703 -318-8469
Darryl Johnson @617-267-5741
Oscar Johnson@ 011-2316551431
Thomas Johnson@011-349566824083