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Rev. Mother Mary H. Juwley

(Sunrise-October 24, 1944) (Sunset-December 14, 2009)

The Juwley & the St. James International Community Church family regret to announce the home going of their Rev. Mother Mrs. Mary H. Juwley within her 65th year. She died at approximately 4:15 p.m. Monday evening, December, 14th, 2009 in Washington, D.C at the Washington Home & Community Hospices.

"Ma Mary", as she was so affectionately called by the many who knew her, passed away after several Months of battle with Colon Cancer. The late Rev. Mother Mary H. Juwley was born on October 24, 1944 in Maryland County, Liberia. Mrs. Juwley lived in Liberia until she was 45 years old. Ma Mary attended school in Maryland County, Liberia. At the age of 16, Ma Mary started working in all the general Markets selling food. On August 9th 1964, Ma Mary Juwley became a member of the Church of the Lord Ala Dula to begin her servitude to the Lord and her community. Eight years after joining the church of The Lord Ala Dula, Ma Mary met Rev. Nathaniel N. Juwley who introduced her to the United Church of The Lord where he was a Minister. Ma Mary then continued her spiritual ministry training under Bishop David N. Fannie in Logan town, Monrovia, Liberia where she spent three years in training to becoming a minster. In 1975, after knowing each other for a period of three years, Ma Mary married Rev. Nathaniel N. Juwley. On March 8th in 1978, Mrs. Juwley and her Husband then set out to establish an elementary & junior High school called St. James Elementary & Jr. High Located in Barnesville, Monrovia, Liberia. Through their love for children, Ma Mary and her husband along with the other faculty members did whatever they could to assist students that wanted to attend their school which included printing applications, recruiting students, creating soccer team, etc…

During the first year when the school was just opening, there were only a total of 18 students and within a three year span, Ma Mary and her husband's tenacity, work of recruiting & establishing, made a breakthrough to increase the amount of students from 18 to 700. In 1984, Ma Mary H. Juwley then went on to succeed her husband by becoming the head of the school and running the school as her husband branched out to the United States. From 1985-1987 Ma Mary attended the John F. Kennedy Hospital School for midwives. In 1989 on August 8th by the grace of God, Ma Mary H. Juwley was able to join her Husband in the U.S to continue their servitude towards God and humanity. Upon her arrival in the U.S in 1989, Ma Mary was able to gain employment at the Engle Side at Rock Creek where she worked until 1996. During Mother Mary's spare time in 1997, she started an in-house day care business that she ran from then until the present. Mary H. Juwley is survived by her lovely husband of 39 years, Bishop Nathaniel N. Juwley, along with her children: Benedict Y. Brown, Roselyn Benson, Comfort Juwley-Crawford, Isaac N. Juwley, Priscilla W. Juwley, Annie K. Juwley, Gladys G. Juwley, Patricia M. Juwley, Forti Juwley-Barbar, Nathaniel N. Juwley Jr., Luisa W. Juwley, Yeshua J. Juwley, Oreta N. Juwley, Jeremiah M. Juwley, Korpo N. Juwley, David A.K. Juwley, Henrietta E. Juwley Sunday Juwley. Sister's Waeda Dennis, Luisa Langford, Nani Johnson, Friday Dennis.

Rev. Mother Mary H. Juwley should be remembered as a true servant of God, a compassionate mother to all of her children in the eyes of the Lord. She was a peace broker who gave all the blessings to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Funeral arrangements:
" Wake Keeping: January 8th from 7:30 - 9:30 PM
o Glenmont United Methodist Church
o 12901 Georgia Avenue
o Silver Spring, MD 20906

" Funeral Service & Repast: January 9th from 10 AM - 12 PM
o Glenmont United Methodist Church
" Interment: Gates of Heaven Cemetery

Contributions should be made out to:
Bishop Nathaniel N. Juwley
Post Office Box 73366
Washington, D.C. 20056

Contact Persons:
Bishop Nathaniel N. Juwley H-202-829-0730
Joshua Juwley Cell-202-680-3130
Sister Henrietta @ 301-875-1096


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