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Mr. Wilmot Kulah

SUNRISE: August 2, 1954
Boway Bong County
Liberia, West Africa
SUNSET: May 15, 2014
Fredley, Minnesota

The Kulah, Lombeh, Meh, Curran, Karbia, Clarke, and Mentee families REGRET TO ANNOUNCE THE DEATH OF THEIR BELOVED Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle, Friend Mr. Wilmot Kulah

THIS SAD EVENT TOOK PLACE at his home 1669 68 Ave NE
Fredley, Minnesota

HE IS SURVIVED BY His daughters: Nehwon Kulah-Lombeh, and
Gorpu Kulah, his grandchildren: Kokou Wilmot Kah, Cynthia Susan Lombeh, James Eli Lombeh, His brothers: Bishop Arthur F. Kulah, Dr. Alfred Kulah, Rev. Jerry Kulah, Jeffery Zawolo Kulah, Oliver Kulah, Wonyon Kulah, Molubah Kulah, Kofua Kulah, Fohn Kulah, Robert Clarke, Harris Meh.
Sisters: Judith Kulah Ezike(Robert Ezike), Nyamah Kulah-Robertson, Yei Nahway Kulah, Nyepu Kulah, Kemah Kulah, Olive Daniels, Marie Farngalo, Jestina Davis, Rosalyn Clarke Toto. Neices & nephews: Nancy Kulah, Rebecca Dolopei, Lorraine Kulah, Josie Kulah Curran (Rennie Curran Sr.), Saye T Kulah Sr., Arthurine Kulah Mentee (James Mentee Sr.), Dr. Bartum N Kulah Sr. (Clarice Kulah), Kialawo Kulah Karbia (Archie Karbia), Paye Kulah, Yeamah Kulah (John Gayflorzee), Rufus Kulah, Rev. Cooper Mondolo, Joshua Kulah, Mack Seibeh, Jesse Morgan; grandnieces & nephews: Henry Dolopei Jr, Joan Curran Darkortey (Rufus Darkortey), Musu Curran, Rennie Curran Jr., Saye Kulah Jr., Christopher Kulah, GiGi Kulah, Sam Mentee, George Mentee, Juah Mentee, Gwendolyn Kulah, Bartum Kulah Jr, Jordan Kulah, Tayma Karbia; and a host of other relatives and friends in Liberia and the USA.

June 6, 2014 at 7:30pm
Joy World Universal Church
1121 Lowery Ave. NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

June 7,2014 at 10am
Joy World Universal Church
1121 Lowery Ave. NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55418

Nehwon Kulah-Lombeh 7638437636
Gorpu Kulah 7632679912
Jeffery Zawolo Kulah 6122671428
Harris Meh 763-228-3861
Mack Seibeh 1 (952) 217-0622
Kofua Kulah: 401-243-3926
Robert and Judith Ezike: 917-622-3648
Bishop Arthur Kulah +231 8804 21686
Rev. Jerry Kulah 011-231- 886-520-399
DR ALFRED KULAH 011-231-886-827-067
OLIVER KULAH 011-231-886-512-225
Rennie and Josie Curran: 678-933-6350 or 770-873-8738
Saye Kulah: 770-845-9171
James and Arthurine Mantee: 502-664-7317
Drs. Bartum and Clarice Kulah: 404-200-7786
Paye Kulah 011-231-880-717-594
Jamesetta Woods: 704-267-1666
Jesse Morgan: 704-200-1426