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Earl A.R. Neblett

The Neblett and Dixon Families announce with profound regrets the death of Earl A R Neblett, a husband to his darling wife Eloise Dixon Neblett, a father to four children: Earl Ronald ( Oretha), Earla, Elsa, and Ephraim; a beloved brother to Nestella Dennis, Prince Nanu Neblett, Edmund Kai Neblett, Earnest Bestman, Jonathan Neblett, Allen Neblett, Christine Diggs, and Hawa Neblett.

Earl, a vibrant man at fifty five,  a director at the Liberian Environmental Protection Agency,  passed away on Tuesday, June 9, 2015, after a brief illness; interpreted by attending physicians and related to family members  as an affliction caused by the simultaneous prevalence of hypertension and acute malaria.

Individuals  deeply saddened  by Earl’s sudden departure from this world are not only  his wife and children or his brothers and sisters as listed above,  but included are Aunts: Dinks Summerville, Sarah Mcgill, and Ruth Taylor Neblett;  Cousins: JB Mcgill and  siblings, Stanley Neblett and  siblings, Ethlind Neblett Loband and  siblings, James Buddy Neblett and siblings, Samuel Summerville and siblings;  Classmates: Rev. Momolue Diggs and St Patrick’s High School class of 1977; Church: the entire organization of Jehovah’s  Witnesses in Liberia, and specifically the Paynesville congregation; Workmates: co-workers at the Liberian Environmental Protection Agency, and former co-workers at the Ministry of Commerce; well-wishers, friends and a host of relatives.

Funeral Services are scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 20, 2015 at 12:00 P.M., in the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses, located on Gardnerville Road, opposite the Gardnerville Supermarket.

For more information you may contact any of the below listed relatives or friends
Eloise Dixon Neblett                     Paynesville, Liberia          011-231-886583283
Comfort Summerville                    Paynesville, Liberia         011-231-886568681
Nestella Dennis                            Paynesville, Liberia         011-231-886560462
Edvida Neblett Penn                     Monrovia, Liberia             011-231-880925922    
Edmund Neblett                           Silver Spring, MD              1-202-230-4345
J B Mcgill                                       Dallas, TX                         1-214-280-6879
Jonathan Neblett                         Houston TX                       1-682-429-7882

Please use any of the following financial institutions for the remission of funds:
Bank name          account Name   routing number        Account number
Bank of America   J B McGill           111000025              004799086221
Chase Bank    Jonathan Neblett   111000614              2731146516
Citi Bank         Edmund Neblett     052002166              9109033237
Please call or text to alert someone about your financial transaction.