Mrs. Bertha D. Melton-Rembert

The Rembert, Melton, Shannon, and Sandimanie Families regret the passing of their mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, and cousin Mrs. Bertha D. Melton-Rembert in her 55th year. This sad event occurred on Saturday, September 29, 2007 while visiting Monrovia, Liberia. Bertha was the daughter of Mr. Julius S. Melton, Sr. and Mrs. Asline Shannon, who both predeceased her. She was also predeceased by her husband, Isiah Rembert in 2001,step mother Sara T.Johnson-Melton in 2004, brother Laurie (Larry) in 1992 and sister Gloria Melton in 1993.

Bertha is survived by four children: Asline Rembert, Weatta Rembert, Joseph Melton, and Melton Rembert; one adopted daughter Keenii Harris; six grandchildren; her sisters Juliet Melton, Eleanor Melton-Brown, Ellen Melton, Angel Melton, Grace Melton; her brothers Tagbor Melton, Julius Melton II, Bassie Melton, Buster Melton, and Jake Melton;step sisters Marilyn Grove-Aitken and Gloria Grove-Akinsiku, her aunts Delia Musulin Vanpelt, Roberta Musu McClinton, Peekoo Alfreda Lewis; uncles Toniah (Harris) Sandimanie; one sister-in-law Whilemina Vaii-Melton; her brother-in-law Lewis Brown and Bola Akinsiku; her grand aunt Hawa Sandimanie; many cousins including Famatta Mars-Outland and family; the Mars-Freeman family; the Mars-Dixon family, Mars-Nelson family, nieces, nephews and friends.

Funeral: Saturday, October 13, 2007
Monrovia - Liberia

Memorial Service in USA
Saturday, November 3rd,2007
Trinity Episcopal Church
Piney Branch Road, NW
Washington DC 20012

Contacts (In USA):
Julius Melton (Rolf) – (301) 775-8194
Ellen Melton – (352) 283-2650
Asline Rembert – (301) 252-6492
Aunty Peekoo – (646) 320-8143
Uncle Toniah – (718) 693-6070

Contacts (In Liberia):
Bassie Melton – 011-231-652-5181
Buster Melton – 011-231-656-5887
Louise Nelson-Dennis – 011-231-683-9052