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John Henrique Ruegene Richards Jr.

This is to announce the home going in his 61st year of John H. R. Richards, Jr. (Henrique), who passed away on Tuesday, April 23, 2013, at the JFK Memorial Hospital, Monrovia, after a very brief illness.

Henrique is survived by his Mother Patience Railey, his wife Mrs. Janet Dean Richards, his three children, Mondyu E. Richards (Nina), Patience Sweeny (Jefferson), and Michael M.D. Richards. He also is survived by his siblings Matilda (Lady) Outland, Titus, Othello (Margaret), Gerald, Elvira Mawolo (John), Kula Curry (Ishmael), Wesley, Adeline Morris (Bruce), Bill (Musu), Mitzi Precious Cojolo (Samuel), Veronica, Milton (Jenneh), Walker (Amelia), Joseph (Racheal), Arthur (Mitzi), Gbigbi (Abeke), Debbie O'Brian, Augusta Talih (Nabil), Ernest, Evangaline, Victoria, Samuel Zizi (Deceased), and Cherrie Richards. He leaves behind seven grandchildren, his aunt Esther Bryant, his uncle and aunt Joseph G. Richards and Anna L. Richards, his aunt Nancy Howard Cooper, several nieces, nephews, cousins, and a host of relatives and friends. We all are going to miss him, and we are grateful to our dear Heavenly Father for sharing his life with us is this earthly realm.

Funeral services will be held on May 4, 2013, at the First United Methodist Church, Ashmun Street, Monrovia, Liberia. Burial to follow immediately in Clay-Ashland.


Othello Richards - 571-277-7601/703-924-0229
Gerald Richards - 301-518-8123
Elvira Mawolo - 443-546-3305
Wesley Richards - 718-598-7614 / 7189780756
Adeline Richards Morris - 856-434-9011
Precious Richards Cojolo - 612-206-2086
Vernica Richards - 806-773-9742
Milton Richards - 919-405-3814 / 919-949-8450
Arthur Richards - 703-350-2280 / 703-550-0484
Joseph Richards - 209-381-6919
Gbigbi Richards - 703-400-0551

Matilda Richards Outland - 011-231-886-603852
Walker Richards - 011-231-6514899/011231-6516910
Janet Dean Richards - 011-231-775-71070
Michael M.D. Richards - 011-231-560-0257/011-231-886-530993
Wiyata Richards Mensah – 011-231-886-540580