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Elizabeth Marion Sherman

The Sherman, Johnson, O’Neill, Diggs, Benson, Jones and Sidifall families announce with blessed assurance and faith in Almighty God that Elizabeth Marion Sherman (Lizzie) passed from earthly life to spiritual eternity on Saturday, May 21, 2016. Lizzie’s parents Reginald Sherman and Marion Johnson Sherman predeceased her. She is survived by her children Danielette Camille Dennis O’Neill and Sean O’Neill, her siblings Reginald Sherman (Roseline) and Murray Sherman, her beloved Aunt Tu (Enid Benson), her relatives in the Sherman, Johnson, Diggs, Benson, Jones and Sidifall families, and her many, many, many friends the world over. May she rest in perfect peace. Amen.

Through God's grace we were one in time and space with you - We walked life's many arteries through joys and sorrows - In laughter and tears - With hugs and kisses – Experiencing life together -  Always with love one for the other.

By chance of genes we share blood of family and kinship - Your spirit and soul bonded us to you forever unbroken in our hearts and yours for time eternal.
By blessing of heaven you were with us -  but for a Fleeting Moment -            
A Wisp in the Breeze of Time -
So Brief - So Quick - So Fast...and then you were here with us no longer - 
Yet our peace is still - for our love for you parallels the arc of heaven and earth -
Traveling with you along the eternal way.

The countless stars of the Milky Way factored
by all the grains of sand of earth cannot provide sufficient measures of our love for you -
Such metrics are limited in expanse and true love can never be.

You completed your tasks this side of Glory –
You ran the marathon of your life’s story -
 You reached the finish line of life's victory – and
 flights of angels bore you to heaven in song
 to your eternal rest.

Sleep - Sleep our Love, our Rose, our Flower
in peace in the firmament of heaven -
in the bosom of God's eternal mercy -
 For you have now touched the face of God
and sleep in His unceasing love.

A Requiem Mass in thanksgiving for Lizzie’s life and the peaceful repose of her soul in eternal rest will be said at 10:00am on Friday, June 3, 2016, at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, 1700 Wainwright Drive, Reston, Virginia 20190. Phone:(703) 437-6530

In place of flowers, the family requests that you make an offering of Thanksgiving in Lizzie’s name to St. Anne’s Church for its overseas mission work and/or Altar Guild where she labored in the Master’s vineyard.

Danielette Camille Dennis O’Neill and Sean O’Neill
Reginald and Roseline Sherman
Murray Sherman
Enid Benson
Nellie Sidifall
Mohamedu F. Jones (240) 888-5576
Robert Dennis (202) 468-6500
Cyril Jones 011-231-886-515-495