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Acknowledgements from the family of John G. Victor

The Family extends their sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to all friends and well-wishers for the calls, visits, time, resources, cards, flowers, tributes, etc. during this time of celebration and reflection of John.

A very special "Thank You" to the Pastor, Officers, and Members of the West Houston Church of Christ, Houston Texas.

Thank you message from the family of the late John Ballah Mulbah "JB"

The family of the late John Ballah Mulbah "JB" would like to thank all the friends and well-wishers who gathered in Charlotte, NC to celebrate the one year anniversary of his death. Your presence and many acts of kindness were greatly appreciated. May you be blessed for reaching out to us during our time of sorrow and may we always cherish with fond memories the life of our father "JB". May he rest in perpetual peace and until we meet again, may the good Lord continue to hold each and every one of us in the palm of His hands.

For the Family - Magdalene Anna Mulbah


By the T. Siafa Sherman Family

July 31, 1990 seems like yesterday when you were savagely murdered. Another year has lapsed, but the pain and grief caused by your murder still plague us. Your bodies were never recovered, thus, you have no graves. Our trust is in God, for surely, He does not reject a blameless person or strengthen the hands of evil doers. According to an eye-witness account, under the cover of darkness, you were abducted at gun point from the quiet of your home by cowards dressed in Liberian military uniforms and taken to a remote place in Chugbor, Monrovia, and there murdered in cold blood.

As God would have it, young Johnny Nah, Jr., who was also abducted, miraculously escaped the slaughter and was able to give the identity of the chief murderer as one George Dweh. We hope and pray that in God's own time, the Law will catch up with the culprit and bring him to justice for the heinous crimes he committed.

We miss and love you dearly, and always will. Into Paradise may the Angels lead you, and may God grant you Peace and Eternal Rest!

Brenda Joyce F. Stewart
MAY 6, 1983 - SEPTEMBER 16, 2009

Sincere and heartfelt thanks to all our precious supporters during the home-going of our beloved Brenda Joyce Fein-Wongba Stewart who is now resting in the arms of Jesus. Your prayers ARE STILL so uplifting, the flowers were so beautiful, the financial gifts so timely, the food so delicious and the many, many other acts of kindness so very appreciated.

We rest assured that God ransomed Brenda from pain, and we are thankful to Him for quickly snatching her away. Praise God that His thoughts are ways are not like ours. He did not ask us to understand, but rather to trust Him as our Loving Father who knows best. We cherish the blessing of having had 26 years of fellowship with this strong and courageous warrior. Praise God for giving her grace to hold so tightly to His All Powerful hands despite the many evil that buffeted her life since the tender age of 6. "The righteous pass away, the goldly often die before their time. No one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come. For the godly who dies will rest in peace." Isaiah 57:1-2 (New Living Translation) IN THIS TRUTH, WE FIND COMFORT. Full Thank you message and Tribute...

Tribute to Mr. C. Burgess Allen. Sr.

Today marks one year since you departed. We remember it as if it was just yesterday. We recall that you called say hi that day to some of us. Gave others advice and some to say something as if you knew you were leaving. Your care for us still remembered. We can not forget you.

Your kind, caring and gentle nature continues to guide and inspire us. Your laughter, many words of advice and insights remain with us and because of this your memory will not die.

How do we respond the departure of one so caring? We are determined to remain united and focused; working in the masters vineyard. God Blessed.

The Allens, Shermans, Gooding, Walker and Kaizolu Families.

We missed you dearly. Full Tribute and Pictorial of the Wake and Funeral of C. Burgess Allen. Sr. October 16, 2008


We, the family of the late Mulbah ChuChu Jackson would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all who sympathized with us during the home-going of Mulbah. We owe you a depth of gratitude that only eternal can repay. Thank you for your

Condolence Cards
Flowers and phone calls.

With grateful hearts, The Jackson family

In Loving Memory and Honor of
The Honorable Charles B. Alphonso Caine
1907 - 1991
Liberia's First Professionally Trained Criminologist
"A Fine Officer and a Gentleman"
In whose honor the National Police Headquarters Building on Capital Bypass is named.
The Family recognizes him in this the 18th year of his passing and uses this occasion to pay tribute to all brave men and women in uniform who are helping to maintain peace and order in these very challenging times.
God Bless the Republic of Liberia.
Signed: Mr. Johantz M. Caine, Sr.
For the family

Words of thanks from the family of the late

~August 13, 1959 - May 5, 2009~

As we remember our beloved husband and father on his birthday...

We would like to take this time to give a huge heartfelt Thank You to All
in our community, who have shared expressions of sympathy during
our hours of bereavement. Your time, prayers, support, gifts in kind,
planning and service efforts are all greatly appreciated and will forever be

A personal Note
Thank you, Creator of the Universe, for the gift of life you have given us. Thank you for giving us everything that we have ever truly needed. Thank you for living inside us with all your love, with your pure and boundless spirit, with your warm and radiant light. Thank you for using our words, for using our eyes, for using our hearts to share your love wherever we go. We love you just the way you are, and because we are your creation, we love ourselves just the way we are.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

In peace,
Ulla, Munah, Amadi, Netoma and Andrew Adighibe

Thank You: From the families of late Honorable Chairman John Toe Tuopay

The Worgepoh family, Sarpoh, Jeadepo Development Council-Liberia and Grebo Tribe wholeheartedly express thanks and appreciations to all those who celebrated with us during the " HOME GOING " of our father, grandfather, great-grandfather and uncle, the late honorable Chairman John Toe Tuopay.

We are deeply touched by your love, prayers, visitations, phone calls, words of encouragement, and financial contributions. Your contribution has mitigated a very painful process and we believe, facilitated our recovery and healing.

We love Old Man Papae Tuopay but God loves him best; may his soul and the souls of all faithful departed rest in perfect peace. We request your continuous prayers as we go through the grieving process.

Nathaniel Teitemonyee Tuopaeh

Tanneh Savice - A Loving Memory Message From Your Children"

Our beloved Mother, on this sad day in our lives, (06-27-08) you separated from us to meet our Heavenly Father and retire in the heavens. we are aware that this separation is only temporary, because our Lord jesus Christ will reunite us in that beautiful city not built with human hands. We also know that it is very well with your soul, the love and everlasting memory of you is living with us until we meet again.

We love & miss you Mama. Rest in eternal peace

Memories marking 2 year since the death of NATHIEL ANDY BOWEN

Nat Bowen, here we are again, that old familiar date: Thursday, June 21, 2007; when you passed leaving me in shock with so many unanswered questions. Time has passed and I have to spend the New Year, February 22, March 20, and May 28 hugging pillows with tears flowing down my cheeks. No kisses on my forehead and no hugs from you. Without you Nat Bowen, I have decided to keep my eyes on Jesus, looking straight in His wonderful face, trusting and knowing that the things of this world will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and praise.

This Father Day, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for loving me. You were my leader you taught me how to love even in difficult situations, you kept our families together, and you treated everyone with respect. You were quiet and generous, always giving even your last to those in need. You were hard working, though you did not have a "White Collar Job", you kept food on our table, rent was always paid on time, and on occasions or even just for a treat, you took people out to dine. Your inspirations still linger on in my heart. Rest on in peace Nat Bowen. Above all, I say "To GOD be the glory great things God continues to do. I know whatever betides, GOD will take care and GOD does all things well. We missed you, we loved you but GOD loves you best.

Forever in our memories,

Elizabeth Anderson-Bowen, Liz, Ma Juah, Hardtime, Old lady.... (Your Wife for the Family)


The Massaquoi Family extends our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all our Family, Friends and Well Wishers who identified with us in our time of grief for the loss of our love one.
We are particularly grateful for your prayers, words of comfort, gifts and acts of kindness extended to us from the moment of his passing up to the present.

May the Soul of SHF, Deddeh, Grand Deddeh, Uncle, Brother and Cos. Foday rest in perfect peace and may light perpetual shine upon him until we meet on that beautiful shore.
May the Lord bless all of us as we continual to labor in his vine yard.



The family of the late Charles C. Newton, Sr. wants to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all of our relatives, friends, co-workers, classmates, and well-wishers who embraced and surrounded us with care and love during our time of bereavement. We were especially touched and deeply moved by the numerous visits, prayers, calls, financial support, food, and words of sympathy and encouragement. You just do not know how much those kind gestures meant to each and every one of us during this very difficult period. Once again, thanks very much. May the good Lord continue to bless and keep you in His Grace!

Charles C. Newton, Jr.
For the rest of the Family

Mrs. Mildred Adelaide Montgomery Trueh

In Memory of our dear Mother
Mildred A. Trueh
November 22, 1937- May 31, 1989

If tears could build a stairway and memory was a lane. We would walk right up to heaven and bring you home again

To our dearest Mother Mrs. Mildred Adelaide Montgomery Trueh who left us to be with the Lord on May 31st 1989.

Mom it has been 20 years since the almighty snatched you away. Your sweet smile and warm touch will never be forgotten. Just how special you were to us, our words could never say,
so we give you highest honor that comes from our hearts today.

We will always love you Mommy rest in peace until we meet again.

From your children and grandchildren...

  • Le-Etta (Leon & Tyisha)
  • Elizabeth (Adelaide & Keisha)
  • Loretta (Michelle & Michael)
  • Tumu (Vernelle)
  • Nickey (Thesus & Christine)
  • Mildred (Tony & Jamel) and
  • Mina (George & Knox)

Thank You, From Maphata Roberts Huntsman Family

The Huntsman, Roberts and Passawe families express our sincere thanks and appreciation to all who shared our sorrow through cards, calls, monetary gifts, prayers, food, and visits. Special heartfelt thanks go to the Liberian Community, Imani Community Church and St Paul Episcopal Church.

Maphata was very much loved by us. She was the strength to our family. Your support during the last one month of her death has shown to us the kindness that exists in this world and we wish you God's blessings for your kindness. Our family will forever cherish your kindness that was shared with us during those difficult times.

May the soul of our beloved and departed Maphata Roberts Huntsman rest in eternal peace. We loved her dearly but God loves her so much more and has
called her to His Glory.
Please visit

Thank You Note from the family of Minister Samuel David Nayreau

The family of the late Minister Samuel David Nayreau wishes to express sincere thanks to all who embraced us during our loss. We appreciate your prayers, visits, telephone calls, words of encouragement, floral arrangements, and your financial support. Thanks to everyone; and may God continuously Bless and keep you in His Loving Care.

Mrs. Nancy Washington-Nayreau
And the Family

Marylue Felicia Reeves

Life, for me, has been incredibly interesting, painful and joyful in so many different ways. Throughout our lives, we are fortunate to meet many different individuals of powerful persuasion, many of whom are females: some are girls, some are ladies and some are...not. Only once in a while, or rarely, are we blessed to meet a truly GREAT woman, such as Marylue Felicia Reeves. She was an exceptional mother, mentor, and friend to me and hundreds of other people privileged to know and love her. Over the years, Marylue Reeves has been the glue that has held our families together; and, in fact, she drove some of us to success. She had a deep and sympathetic concern for her children, students, friends, and neighbors. We can all tell stories of her friendly acts: some with clear advice in our moment of perplexity, some sharing of joy, and some flash of humor that played upon a period of dreary routine. Tom Brokaw says, "It is easy to make a buck. It's a lot tougher to make a difference." I can tell you that Marylue Felicia Reeves has absolutely made a difference in so many ways. I have learned so much from her over the years of my life, that it is inconceivable to tell it all.

Marylue Reeves was the very definition of everything that most of us would like to become: she had dignity, intelligence, grace, wisdom, poise, kindness, strength, and patience. She exhibited all of these attributes not only towards her five biological children, but also to all her other "children" who sometimes, no doubt, gave her quite a headache. She never tired. She was a loving and caring mother, grandmother and friend. She touched many lives and was always a giving person to anyone in need. Just think about how she would make a dress to wear on that special occasion and how you would look like a beauty queen. Marylue was honest, generous, meek, and frank. Like many others, she was there for me during the good and bad times, and helped me through some bad times. What can you say about a woman who gave so much to so many?

She opened her home and heart to me in need of a safe place to live and became my parent when I lost both of my parents six months apart. I do believe it takes a special person with compassion, understanding, and love to help children that are not your own for whatever reason. Not all people can do that. It certainly takes a special caregiver; she was essentially on call at all times for many of us. Not only did she have her own children to take care of, but she opened her home to me and took care of my needs, which included medical care. She never failed to take me to whatever appointments I had with medical personnel in addition to caring for her own children and her sick husband.

My hat goes off to Marylue Felicia Reeves. She provided safety, healing, and compassion to all children in her care. I want to personally thank her for what she did for me and countless others. Her job required that she be ready in an instant. She welcomed each child, as best as she could, from the moment the child was placed in her care. I believe that all her help given to me can never be forgotten. I gained so much from her, from the tangible items to the invisible ones, such as the love and experiences she shared with me. She had this keen sense of being able to recognize special interests that children had and helped them to reach for the stars. She was very strong-willed and passionate about things she believed in, especially education. Therefore, she kept telling me I could go back to the University of Liberia and graduate in three and a half years with honors after being ill and dropping out of school in my first semester. In her efforts to overcome the odds stacked against children about not only surviving in the world intact but thriving in it, she sacrificially gave me my second family. She dedicated her time to pushing young women to accomplish their goals as well as using their full potentials in all spheres of life. Marylue taught us to cook, bake and to sew. She taught us family values.

When I came to live with Marylue Reeves and her children they were all so gracious and welcoming. I was grateful and happy to be a part of this big family. She never made me feel like an outsider. She celebrated the birth of my child, with just as much excitement as I imagine she celebrated every other grandchild before and after. So, today, I continue celebrating this amazing woman who raised 5 children, endured the sudden death of her husband, and brought up a social worker, medical doctor, lawyer, accountant and business entrepreneur. A woman who has embraced the truth that love transcends can die peacefully knowing she made a difference not only in the lives of her biological children, but also her "other children". She opened her heart to a young girl and made me feel like a part of her family. Neither judgmental nor preaching perfection, Marylue Reeves positioned me for life by believing in me, encouraging me, strengthening me. She taught me patience and positivism. I remember her exemplary character. She was always there standing by me in the good times and during the storms. Her shoulders were always there for us to cry on even when we did not make the high mark she expected of us. Her empathy and kindness are two of her finest qualities. I was totally supported by her.

Marylue Felicia Reeves had an unselfish spirit and was always thinking of others rather than herself. Her kind heart and gentle spirit will leave lasting memories. She kept her priorities in order. Her first priority was to love and serve God. She never wavered on that virtue and cornerstone all the days of her life. She ordered her life around that belief in God and self. Her relationship with God was intimate and she would study and meditate by the hour, plumbing the depths of God's Word and seeking to know Him. How thankful I was to have had such a fine example of integrity, of service, of kindness, and of dedication to the Ministry. She made sure to walk us up to accept Christ; we were baptized and joined the Providence Baptist Church where she worshipped.
In the wake of such a legacy which time can never rob, we give God thanks for the marks she left on our character and the wholesome habits she has woven into the fabric of our flesh. She gave us her best and expected the best from us. She made us wise and live as sacrificial investments or "integrity stocks". Most of the dividends were unknown and unclaimed until we became productive citizens not only in Liberia but in the world. How many of us find ourselves richly endowed by her life.
I will always remember Marylue Felicia Reeves. I will miss her dearly and she will forever hold a special place in my heart. Our hearts are heavy with grief for the loss of our dear Mom. We all loved her so much. Thank God for her influence in my life. May light perpetual shine upon her till we meet.

Gratefully always,
Mydea Reeves-Karpeh



On behalf of the Nyon family, I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to all those who identified with us throughout our difficult time, to those who expressed their kind words of sympathy during and after the home going of our dear father George P.Q Nyon Geleh-Saylee.

Special thanks to Rev. Dr. Samson Slobert, Sr. in particular and to all those who contributed financially to assist with the funeral arrangements of our father in general. You have made the pain lessened for us by your kind words.

We were pleased to receive your letters and/or cards of sympathy. We thank you all for your warm expressions of sympathy upon the death of George.

Thank you all so much for the gift of your friendship. It is a great comfort to our family to know that our father had such good friends everywhere. May the Almighty God bless you all.


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