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Sir John Thomas Wiggins

The Wiggins, Redd, Forte, Hill and Reeves families announce with profound regrets, the death of their father, grandfather, brother and uncle, Sir John Thomas Wiggins.
This sad event occurred on Saturday, august 5th, 2017 at the home of his daughter in Stone Mountain, Georgia USA.

He was predeceased by his parents, J.J. Wiggins and Amazetta Redd and his son 
 J. Boylestone Wiggins.

He is survived by his wife Elizabeth Wiggins, 12 children: Johnetta Thelma Wiggins, Bethel Wiggins, Tea Wiggins, Annie Wiggins, Othello Wiggins, TeachBoy Wiggins, Samuel Wiggins, Wayee Wiggins, Archie Wiggins, Lemuel Wiggins, Maria Wiggins, Willete Wiggins; one surviving brother Joseph Wiggins; 23 grandchildren, great grand and his cousins: Andrew Redd, Victoria Redd, Margaret Redd Winifred Redd Gittens and Menwhe Redd.

Funeral Service:

Thankful Baptist Church

Saturday, September 23, 2017, @9:30AM

Lower Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, Liberia


The Lower Buchanan Cemetery

Contacts: (USA)

  • Johnetta Thelma Wiggins           404-388-3227
  • Tea Wiggins                              404-259-5664
  • Alfreda Tucker                           919-475-0465 
  • Janie Reeves –                           401-952-9091
  • Comfort Warner                         703-400-3761
  • Joe Davis                                   301-325-7909

  • Bethel Wiggins             011-231-776-53-6054
  • Othello Wiggins           011-231- 776-76-3913
  • Etta Reeves                  011-231-886-63-4620