The Family, Friends, and Well-Wishers

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf

Cordially invite you

To a Cocktail Reception in Recognition


Her Outstanding Qualities and Dedicated Service


Friday, April 29, 2005

6:30 PM - 11 PM

At the
American News Women's Club
1607 22nd Street, NW
Washington, DC

Attire: Business Suit or National Dress

$50 General Admission

To RSVP, or make a donation please call Adelaide Gardner at 301-871-2746 or
Bantie Forschner at 202-337-4767

Please RSVP by Monday, April 25, 2005

*Please Make Checks Payable to: The Friends, Family, & Well-Wishers of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf c/o James H.R. Cooper, 3838 Dunsinane Dr., Silver Spring, MD 20906


As Liberia's first democratic and post war elections gets in gear, Liberian residents in the United States, who are from different political parties and with different political ideologies have organized themselves as LIBERIANS FOR ELLEN (LIFE) in support of Mrs. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf's presidency in the ensuing October 2005 general and presidential elections.

Meanwhile, the group is expected to converge at 5000 Springfield Avenue to officially launch LIFE on Saturday, March 26, 2005 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the program is expected to pull one of the largest political crowds in the city of brotherly love.

LIFE was formed about a month ago by a group of Liberians who believe that Liberia's iron lady is the best alternative for Liberia's post war Presidency. It's members come from several different political parties, including Liberia People Party (LPP), United People's Party (UPP), Unity Party (UP), Liberia Action Party (LAP), All-Liberian Coalition Party (ALCOP), National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL), National Patriotic Party (NPP), among others. There are other members who do not have any political party affiliations, but strongly believe in Ellen's leadership ability.

Mr. Amara Konneh, a Liberian technocrat who currently works in Corporate America is the current Chairman of the LIFE." We were obliged to come together having seen the wave of insanity that has brought Liberia this far and the continuous portrayal of greed that is producing yet over 40 presidential candidates for a country so devastated by war," Mr. Konneh said.

He furthered: "We intend to vigorously mobilize massive support for Ellen in the process to ensure her resounding victory. It is our conviction that an Ellen victory is a victory for Liberia and the people of Liberia. LIFE cannot over emphasize the competence of Ellen and the successful recovery that awaits Liberia when Ellen is elected president in October."

Mr. Konneh and members of LIFE say they came together based on a shared view of a post war Liberian leadership that is hinged on credibility, character and capacity. They believe that to heal the wounds of Liberians and tilt the fast degenerating country toward recovery requires a leader with character, integrity and impeccable experience in public service.

These requirements, LIFE says are clearly satisfied by Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf as indicative of her unimpeachable public service records. "Ellen has the well withal and leadership experience to move the country toward genuine and sustainable development," LIFE leadership added.

Mr. Konneh also averred that LIFE will provide the roadmap for a more radical involvement of Liberians in the political landscaping of the new Liberia. To this end, LIFE has embarked on various strategic plans to garner the needed support for an Ellen victory in the pending 2005elections.

However, LIFE expects glitches along the way. Therefore, as LIFE embarks on the process of political awakening for the support of Ellen, its members are determined to put aside their political and ethnic differences and aggressively engage their communities to focus on Ellen's abounding record of political astuteness.

LIFE agrees in unison that Liberia's goals for recovery from the shackle of decadence requires a lot more brain work accompanied by realistic and time-sensitive actions. They have vowed to use their time and all available resources to elect Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who they believe is the most experienced and most internationally reputable of the line-up of presidential aspirants.

Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf, the iconic Liberian female politician and international public servant has to her advantage a vast experience and distinctive public service record both on the national and international scenes. On the national level, Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf has served as the Chairman for the Good Governance Commission, Minister of Finance, Secretary of State of Finance, Kormah Development and Investment Corporation, etc.

As for her international service records, Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf served with marked distinction in various positions including the Vice President of Citibank, Senior Loan Officer for World Bank, Director of UN Development Programme Regional Bureau for Africa, amongst other reputable positions in global and regional financial institutions.

This internationally acclaimed public servant, Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who has served with rare distinction has become a benchmark for principle, accountability and transparency and now enjoys multi-partisan supports through LIFE.

Formed with the common goal and the desire to raise awareness among Liberians and galvanize considerable supports for Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf in the Diaspora, LIFE hopes that Liberians will engage the current political process with sobriety and make informed decision knowing that the survival of the country or its destruction would be determined by the choices they make in these coming elections.


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