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PekinInterview with Weahomer, the 11th grade dropout who is running for President of the Republic of Liberia

Pekin: Weahomer, how do you propose to get the children off the streets and into schools?

Weahomer: Well Pekin, I see it like this, you kids can skip school, I'll meet you all on the soccer field and we will play soccer all day. That should keep all the Pekin them off the streets.

Pekin: It sounds risky.

Weahomer: Don't worry so much about school, Pekin, Education is not important. Look at me and where my 11th grade education is taking me.

Pekin: Yes right to the mansion. And what do you attribute that to?

Weahomer: You see, the NEC standards are so low, you don't have to know nothing, you don't even have to be a citizen of Liberia. All you have to be is popular, have access to money, and threaten your people will riot if you don't run. Look Doe didn't know nothing, he was president, Taylor threaten and they let him run. I fit both categories and I can proudly say, I created the 3rd category and will go down as the first French President of Liberia.

Pekin: Anything else you would like to say before we end this interview?

Weahomer: Yes, I would like to thank the NEC for giving me this opportunity and for lowering the standards of Liberia even more just to accommodate me and allow me the best chance to win the election. Without them, this chance would not have been possible you know.

Pekin: Weahomer you are my Role Model, you got my Vote and remember, I want to be Finance Minister....

Weahomer: Pekin, you make me look good in this interview and the job is yours, if you don't.....

Pekin: I know, I know, If I make you look bad, your boys will come looking for me. Don't worry chief, like I said, Weahomer you are my Role Model, you got my Vote....

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