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In loving memory of Elizabeth Boyounoh Kargeor
October 20, 1945- November 19, 2015

Ma, today November 19th is one year since you transitioned into your final rest. I still find it hard to let go of your presence. The memory of your transition brings back excruciating pains that seem endless.  Sometimes I want to believe that you have traveled and will be back soon but it is just hard to keep this thought within. Because you were always visible for your children and grandchildren.  However, I am comforted during my lament, that I was able to grant you your final wish and testament, by taking you back to Logan Town for a night of wake keeping in your own home and then the funeral at your church, Palm Seventh Day Adventist.  It was evident, when you arrived…..  Towards the end, you were concerned that after your passing whether I would be able to cope.  You even went further by asking family members to look out for me. Be at peace Ma, I am fine.  Everyone continues to be there for me most especially my three cousins, James Cargeor, Miatta Dukuly-Taylor, and Fatu Dukuly.  They have been my source of strength.

Ma, I love and miss you. Continue to rest in peace until we meet again, because death is not permanent but temporary, “…[ye] seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified he is risen,” (Mark 16:6 King James Version, p. 1455). Ma you too shall be risen at the resurrection and we will all be together again forever.
Lovingly, your daughter,

Dr. A. Famatta Voyou-Chioke for the family