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In Loving Memory of Lesley Maude Smith
October 19, 1961   -   April 1, 2016       
Hello Lesley. Since your departure, things have not been the same for me. Not a day goes by, I don’t think about you and the wonderful times we shared together. I miss loving you and in your special ways, loving me back over the years. Your friends, our friends, your family and my mother talked about that special love we had for each other. My hope was for us to grow old together, hold hands on the porch of the house in our rocking chairs, reminisce about yesteryears, present and the future, as we watch up-comers go to and from their daily activities but God thought otherwise and had a different plan.

On weekends, you made it your duty to make calls to your siblings and Aunties (in and out of the USA) because you were too much of a family oriented person. Your family misses those loving calls and your precious graceful laughs. Often times, we take things for granted until they are no more.

Occasionally, when I run into people or when I talk to your family on the phone, they always mentioned that special gift of sincerely caring for people which you demonstrated through actions in reaching out and offering your assistance when needed to people over the years. Your smiles were much more visibly noticed when you were in the company of children and the elderly, especially. Looking on in at you at a distance, some of your happiest movements were when you chatted, kidded and showed affections for them. You preferred hugging than handshakes.  I literally sat in the front seat of your world as you interacted with others and how you wish people should always treat one another with dignity and respect.

You took me to your preferred church were the congregation sung loudly and danced while praising the Lord as musical instruments played in the background - you made me dance as well (such wonderful times missed). I didn’t believe in the expression, “the good don’t live long” until April 1, 2016 when you were taken away from your love ones. As much as your departure hurts, the Lord took you away to spare you of this world’s evil behaviors and to bring you closer to his side and his Godly associates.

You were one of few people who cared very much about others when they needed help. You always over extended yourself by discounting your very own financial responsibilities and emotions to assist friends and others in need of financial help and moral support. In the event when you were hurt by someone, you always gave excuses for him/her bad behavior towards you and within hours, you would reach out to the hurters first, to make peace as if whatever was upsetting was not considered bad enough to break the relationships. Jesus was about forgiveness and kindness and you represented such.

I will forever cherish and love you. It was hard to say goodbye then and it is still hard to say goodbye even now. You will forever life in my heart and soul.

Love you so dearly honey.
Jerry Sion (Fiance)