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In Precious Memory on the 50th Birth Anniversary of
Mr. Nathaniel M. Richardson

April 3, 1964 - April 3, 2014

Today, we hold on to the memories we have of you and praise God for the very short, borrowed time we had to love and adore you as a son and brother.

It is so painful to know that you did not even live to be half the age that we celebrate in your memory this day. You left us just weeks short of celebrating your twenty fifth birthday. Nat, you were such ambitious young man who strived so hard to gain quality education.

Your dream of becoming someone that we all could one day be proud of was cut short by the hands of death on March 11th, 1989. It is more heartbreaking to remember that you had a very short time left to complete your studies from the College of Science and Technology at the University of Liberia. Our adorable son and brother, we have to accept that God is always His own interpreter.

Twenty five years have already gone by since you left us, in calculation of time one would think it is long enough to heal our wounds of losing you, but today we declare "hell no". Time has only made us to accept that which we cannot change; we have adjusted to not having you physically among us and realize that you can never be replaced.

Yesterday we loved cherished and adored you, today we vow by the grace of God to continue remembering you with endless love until the day we one by one become only a memory.

Your loving Mother Emma, and all your brothers and sisters who loved and adored you so much.
For the family