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In Memory of the Late James Kwesi Hamilton
By: Jacqueline Araba Hamilton

Pa, October 1st, 2010 marks ninety years when you entered this world to undertake the earthly task that God had assigned you. If you were still here, we would be celebrating that 90th milestone. We imagine what a joyous occasion it would be; surrounded by your loved ones, but our plans are not God's. Twelve years ago, the Lord looked down, saw that you had run a good race and accomplished your mission. Thus, you were called from labor to rest where you have claimed your crown. So many things have happened, since, during which times we have hoped that you were around to share, celebrate, advise, smile or even offer that wise word. There is so much that we wish we could tell you.

We know that neither time nor space can permit or contain the expression of our memories but we refuse to allow this day to go by without remembering you and sharing with others how blessed and honored we are to have had you in our lives. There is never a day that goes by that you are not in our thoughts. At times, we cry but God knew that there would be sorrow, so He gave tears to cry. We hurt because we are human but celebrate the quality of your life and take solace that we were privileged to share in it. The Lord Almighty could not have presented a more perfect gift when he molded you the epitome of the perfect dad, one who was there every step of the way beaming with pride at our accomplishments and cheering us on in our failures even when we fell short of your expectations. You encouraged and made us believe in ourselves and what we could become.

Pa, you were more than just a father. You were a guardian, friend, confidant and symbol of strength in time of weakness offering a wise word and turning the bleakest situation to hope. We remember those times when we were chastised out of love and the early morning advice that followed. While at times we may have misunderstood your discipline as too harsh and admonition too stern, we have come to realize that we were being prepared to face the challenges of this world, beset with problems of the worst magnitude. The immensity of your love was unquestionable.

Pa dear, be proud! Soyez fier! as you would say in French. Thanks for all of it! You could not have done it any better. Those things that you stood for are what we have become today. Most of your predictions have become realities. The pride of being your wife, children and grandchildren is immeasurable. In life, you were loved and in death, you are honored and cherished. You stood for dignity and integrity never compromising your stance. Indeed, you were a man of principles and wisdom winning the respect and admiration of many. No doubt, you advocated a life of humility by your spoken words and your deeds. Recognition of this fact does not prevent us from elevating you to the echelon of the noblest men that ever were and ever will be.

'English English" as you were nicknamed by your students, our hero and pride, death's cold chilling hands have not succeeded in robbing us of the warmth of your love. Yes, the vacuum created by your demise can never be filled but our love and respect for you have lingered and will never be erased. Rest, Dad, in the bosom of Christ in the land where sickness can not afflict you or torment touch you. We have gone on with our lives as you would have wanted knowing that you are keeping a watchful eye from your heavenly home. Dearly beloved husband, father and grandfather, you are definitely missed. May Light perpetual continually shine upon you until we all, someday, rejoice in that boundless sea of love.

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