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In loving memory of Grace Addy-Cooper

November 13, 1962 – December 21, 2015

My Amazing Grace, the hand of time has reminded us that one year ago on December 21, 2015, the Lord saw it fit to take you home.  You left a vacuum and an empty house. The pain of losing you has not gone away. I have shed my tears. I smile and I laugh when I think about the happy times. I tried to forget the past and move on but reality shows its ugly face and brings back the pain. Sometimes I try to put on a mask that makes everything seem alright but the nightmares just don’t seem to go away. Some nights I hear creaking from the upper level and wonder if it is you checking to see whether I am taking care of your house. I know your spirit lingers with us every day.  

Some say it gets easier with time but all it takes is one thought or one look for these feelings to surface. They say time heals so I am hopeful. Some say they feel my pain but how can they possibly feel what I do. There are also those who have made a commitment that they will each take a piece of my heart just to make me miserable. I say keep on trying, the Good Lord is waiting for you.

As you take your rest from this world my dear, we know and are assured that you are in a better place. May your homegoing bring us to the realization that our times are in God’s hand. Sleep on my soulmate until we meet again.  

Your loving Husband
Zuulu Cooper