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The Government of Liberia (GOL), through the Liberia Institute of Statistics and Geo-Information Services (LISGIS), is planning to conduct a National Population and Housing Census in March 2008. The previous censuses were done in 1962, 1974, and 1984, last one being 23 years ago. The 2008 National Population and Housing Census will be undertaken to promote evidence -based -decision making by all those in key positions of decision -making process. It would also be used for policy formulation and in implementation, monitoring and evaluation of population and social programmes as well as for good governance. The census will collect information on all individuals who will be in Liberia at the time of the census i.e demographic, economic and social characteristics. It will also collect information on all living quarters in Liberia. The information from the census will assist in various ways, namely:

  • The Government will be in a position to know the number of school- age -going children hence plan for school by area according to need;

  • The Government and its development partners would know the size, distribution and characteristics of the population from the locality, clan, district, county and up to the country as a whole;

  • It would be possible to know health and educational needs of the population hence plan for health and educational facilities, etc.;

  • Interested organizations would know the prevalence rate and spread of disability in the country by administrative area and hence plan for their rehabilitations into the society, etc.;

  • Review the electoral boundaries for purposes of better representation in elective positions.

Preparations for the 2008 NPHC have commenced both in office and in various parts of the country. Sixty four (64) Mappers and Mapping Assistants have been trained and deployed through out the fifteen (15) counties for the purpose of Cartographic Mapping for 10 months (March- December 2007). The Purpose of the Cartographic Mapping is to map the entire country and create small units called Enumeration Areas; this would ensure that every part of the country is covered during the census enumeration period.

Also, one clan has been selected in each county for the pilot census. The recruitment and training of 8 coordinators, 15 supervisors and 75 field interviewers has been completed and deployed on the field on Sunday, May 6,2007 for 7 days. The purpose of the pilot census is to test the census instruments, administrative and logistical arrangements as would be used in the main census. The results of the pilot census would be used to finalize preparations for the census to be conducted in March 2007

The Government of Liberia and its development partners attaches great importance to the 2008 NPHC. All data collected will be strictly confidential and will be used purposely for planning and development of this country.
All people in the country are therefore requested to cooperate with the mapping teams and pilot census teams who are presently on the field collecting the data.

Signed: Augustine Fayiah
Director, surveys & Censuses/Census Coordinator

Approved: Dr. T.Edward Liberty
Acting Director-General/Asst. Census Coordinator



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Tubman Blvd, Sinkor

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