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Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law

CodeNumberDescriptionCreditDept. CodeLab.
LAWS101Civil Procedure I2.0041N
LAWS102Civil Procedure II2.0041N
LAWS103Contracts I3.0041N
LAWS104Contracts II3.0041N
LAWS105Criminal Law I3.0041N
LAWS106Criminal LawII3.0041N
LAWS107Legal Research / Writing I2.0041N
LAWS108Legal Research / Writing II2.0041N
LAWS109Torts I3.0041N
LAWS110Torts II3.0041N
LAWS111Property I3.0041N
LAWS112Property II3.0041N
LAWS201Corporation I3.0041N
LAWS202Corporation II3.0041N
LAWS203Administrative Law3.0041N
LAWS204Constitutional Law3.0041N
LAWS205Evidence I3.0041N
LAWS206Evidence II3.0041N
LAWS208Commercial Law I3.0041N
LAWS209Commercial Law II3.0041N
LAWS210Legal Accounting 2013.0041N
LAWS213International Law I2.0041N
LAWS214International Law II2.0041N
LAWS301Legal Ethics1.0041N
LAWS303Criminal Procedure2.0041N
LAWS305Moot Court I2.0041N
LAWS306Moot Court II2.0041N
LAWS307Human Rights2.0041N
LAWS310African Law3.0041N
LAWS311Estate & Trust I3.0041N
LAWS312Estate & Trust II3.0041N
LAWS313Labor Law3.0041N
LAWS314Domestic Relation3.0041N
LAWS315Medical Jur.2.0041N

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