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Aunty Nana – for your consistent service and love
Edwin – for getting it done without any complaint
Lady – for your unquestionable care giving
Lorraine & staff – for the beautiful service of décor
Director & staff – LNP – for escort and band services
Grave Site Staff– for all of your sacrifices in making sure Mother’s resting place was completed with beauty
First United Methodist Church – for a service of completion
Photographers & video crew – for working along with us in telling the story of the life and transition of Mother Dear

Chucks (Coz)!!! YES we had the conservations; yes we gave the hugs, and yes we talked about so much more to get to making it even better!!!

When we lost Mother Dear, we knew that there was no compromising decision in terms of who will be responsible for the final preparation of service to her mortal remains. We watched you Chucks cared for her professionally and with so much love and respect.

In this public forum to you Chucks and The A. B. Anderson crew/staff; we want to extend our sincerest thanks and gratitude for your exceptional service even down the bumpy, unpaved road of the Township of Virginia to Mother Dear’s final resting place. Your staff was warm and professional during our time of mourning and we appreciate them. That memory will last forever.

Let it be known that we knew our Mother was a BEAUTIFUL woman of simple elegance, dignity and peace. You helped play a role in letting Mother Dear’s mortal remains appeared so beautifully dignified in elegance beyond pleasantry.
Our thanks Coz, we love you and it is our prayer that GOD will continue to be the source of your strength in all you do. Keep up the GREAT work for it will only get better. Be BLESSED!!!!

Mother Dear’s Big Family

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