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In Loving Memory of Aloysius Sieh Ross

To my dearest nephew, Aloysius; affectionately called Sieh, 'Share'. It has been two years since the Almighty God called your name and ushered you into glory. Though the years are going by, it seems like just yesterday when we got that terrible news. The memories of that day will be forever engraved in our minds. The hurt and pain is so immense and everlasting. We think of you every day, recalling all the pain and anguish of that 16th day of October 2016, and then also remembering to give God the thanks and praise for giving you to us. Though the time was short, but precious with memories that will never be forgotten as long as we live. You brought such joy and laughter to our lives with your humorous and comical utterances and behaviors. You always had something funny to say or do just to make us laugh or bring a smile to our faces. You were a peaceful and compassionate young man who strived to get along with everyone. You were always about love and harmony, trying to bring people together.

Within the last few years of your short life, you became an inspiration to your younger siblings. You also became close to the Lord spending your time praying, fasting, writing and reading the Bible. We were all so surprised to find and read all your many writings about the Bible. It was amazing that you had so much insight and understanding of the Bible. It surely showed your true passion, love and commitment to the Lord. You took the time necessary to increase your knowledge, study the Bible, write sermons and, then when you felt you were prepared and inspired, you went out preaching to spread the good news of redemption. Preaching to people in the park at a young age was a prophecy come true, which was made when you were just a baby. We had forgotten all about the prophecy and did not understand why you were spending so much time reading and studying the Bible, but the Almighty God knew why. He was preparing you for what was to be fulfilled. The many conversations you had with your mother and other family members regarding life and the Bible all now make sense. Oh, if we only knew what lied ahead. You were so wise beyond your years.

Since you left us our lives have and will never be the same. The impact of your loss has left a deep, deep wound and hurt that will be felt for the rest of our lives. A part of your mother went with you that day you left her. She is laughing again but not as wide and loud. We are praying for her every day that the Lord will continue to bring healing and peace to her life. We also take courage to know that she knows the Lord and his promise. Your siblings are also struggling through the pain and void of your loss. The house is so quite without you. They miss you being in the family room with the TV on loudly while you were on the computer or doing something around the house. Their children's children will know all about their Uncle 'Share'.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many family members, friends, church family, prayer band family and strangers that stood by Genevieve and her children during those difficult and dark days. The New Jersey Community was so instrumental and helpful in showing a true spirit of community. Many came and felt moved to say a prayer. The many visits, the food and financial support were so appreciated. To her colleagues and so many of her patients and their families, we say thank you.

To the family, this tragedy showed us that no matter what the circumstances are, love breaks all barriers and the love for family will never be broken. We will always be there for each other no matter what.

'Share' you will never be forgotten as long as we live. Those precious memories will forever linger. We will forever love and think of you daily. What a day it will be when we shall meet again on that beautiful shore. Rest in peace my love.

Aunty Joyce for the family.