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Photos from Monrovia, November 2011

On the morning of November 3, 2011, Monrovians awoke to this sight. The Alcaltel Lucent Ship off the coast of Monrovia preparing to lay the Fiber Optic Cable in Monrovia. Because our coast is so deep, the ship was able to come close to the shore.


Looking out at sea. Looking for the ship on the horizon

Left to right: Ben Wolo, Ciata Victor, Vernon Scott and Anthony McCrity prepare for a boat ride on the Atlantic to board the Alcaltel Lucent Ship for a meeting onboard the ship

A view of Ducor Hotel and Ducor Hill from the Atlantic. We've got to fix the Hotel, the location is so ideal. Sorry that Papa Gadaffi was killed before the project was completed. The Libyans were suppose to fix Ducor Hotel