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Pictures from Around Monrovia

April 8, 2012

The Changing Face of Monrovia

If you drive around Monrovia today, there is so much to see, in terms of new construction and the renovation of buildings damaged and neglected during the war. In this series of "The Changing Face of Monrovia", we will show you some of the construction projects that have been completed and some that are currently underway. With each new addition, the city looks better and with MCC cleaning the streets, public works fixing the road and LEC adding electricity, the future of Monrovia in 2012 looks bright. Liberians and foreigners are building like never before, and many people are utilizing the open sky above their properties and are building up.

In the near future don't be surprise if people starts competing to have the tallest building on Tubman Blvd. What a wonderful future that will be!

20th Street & Payne Avenue, Sinkor

From 20th Street, looking down Payne Avenue in Sinkor

Payne Avenue, Sinkor

16th Street Beach Side