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Dual Citizenship Petition Drive

The Organization for the Promotion of Development in Liberia (OPODL) says it has launched a 10,000 signature petition drive in support of the dual citizenship bill that is currently before the National Legislature of Liberia.

The dual citizenship Bill is intended to give Liberians naturalized in other countries regain their Liberian citizenship, and the organization is calling on other Liberians to support the initiative.

The Minnesota based Liberian pressure group says it strongly believes that the lack of a dual citizenship law in Liberia is the single greatest threat to Liberia's post war reconstruction efforts, especially considering that nearly half a million Liberians reside outside of the country and have given up their Liberian citizenship status in place of their adopted countries'.

Under such conditions, OPODL noted, these Liberians are often skeptical to contribute meaningfully to Liberia's reconstruction drive since the Liberian constitution does not recognize dual citizenship, adding, "This means that they cannot own property in Liberia or even vote."

OPODL's press release, which was issued recently, said by denying a large number of natural born Liberians from regaining their original citizenship, is detrimental to the growth and development of their beloved country.

The release said, OPODL as an organization geared toward the promotion of development in Liberia, believes that a dual citizenship law will contribute immensely to the growth of the country.

"This is the primary reason we have decided to take up this issue, and we are appealing to all Liberians to join us in this worthy civil endeavor," OPODL's president Momodu Kemokai is quoted as saying in the release.

Mr. Kemokai further said the issue of dual citizenship "should not be about us versus them; rather, it should be about what is in the best interest of our common patrimony."

The release noted that it makes true economic sense for Liberia to have dual citizenship if Liberians are truly sincere about moving this great country forward and urged them to stop working against their own interest.

"Dual Citizenship is for the betterment of Liberia, not about Diaspora Liberians coming back home and taking over jobs from the locals," the release reassuringly sounded, pointing out that "OPODL understands fully well that our fellow brothers and sisters on the ground in Liberia might be suspicious of this whole dual citizenship law, but it is important for our brothers and sisters to understand that granting dual citizenship to Diaspora Liberians will be greatly beneficial to the entire country."

"It will be a victory for Liberia and for all Liberians. So, indeed we are kindly appealing to all Liberians from all works of Liberia to see reason in supporting this cause," the release emphasized.

Meanwhile, OPODL is seeking a minimum of $1.00 donation per signature to lobby the Legislature to pass the bill once and for all. The petition drive is in two forms: an online version and a hard copy, and that OPODL's members are now out soliciting signatures for the petition drive, the release pointed out.

"For those we cannot reach physically, we encourage you to sign the petition online at . For further information regarding this petition drive please contact 612-568-2619 or


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