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This communiqué is to acquaint you with the status of the Pan African e-Network-Liberia. Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL) was appointed by the Government of India as their implementing agency, to work along with local Government implementers for establishing the cross-continental Pan African e-Network.

The Pan African e-Network is a satellite and fiber optics based network designed by the Governments of India and Liberia in order to INTERCONNECT ALL 53 NATIONS OF THE AFRICAN UNION (AU); also to share India's expertise in the fields of education and health care. In addition to promoting African Unity, the e-Network primarily provides priority e-services: TELE-EDUCATION, TELE-MEDICINE AND VVIP CONNECTIVITY.

To date, this telecommunications initiative has connected 47 out of the 53 African Union member states. For more information on the Pan African e-Network please visit the web address:

University of Liberia is designated as the Tele-education site. The equipment installed at this location is ready to use for e-learning. University of Liberia has completed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with five (5) Indian universities; enabling admission for various IT programs through the Pan African e-Network. Admissions have started for the educational period: Feb. to July 2011 for Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Information Technology. University of Liberia is taking up this chance as a pilot project to start with minimum number of students. After the admission notifications, we were able to collect 1200 applications. The classroom size accommodates 150 students maximum at a time, and due to this space consideration, the top 200 best students were selected for the BSc and PGD programs.

John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital is the site location for Tele-Medicine. The Tele-Medicine facility is in the radiological department of J. F. K. All of the telecommunication and IT equipments have been installed at the Tele-Medicine site. In order to complete the installation we are awaiting the arrival of the laboratory equipment: X-ray, pathological equipment, color Doppler, etc. After arrival, the laboratory equipment will be connected to the network for a complete e-health-care solution. Some of the medical equipment has arrived, such as pathological digital camera.

The Tele-Medicine site also hosts Continuous Medical Education (CME) classes for Doctors, Nurses and medical staff. These CME sessions are broadcast live Monday through Friday, three different sessions and topics per day.

The Continuous Medical Education (CME) classes for Doctors, Nurses and medical staff are held in this building at JFK

Project implementers tour the facility at JFK with Doctors and the India Consul

LIBTELCO Managing Director Ben Wolo, TCIL coordinator assigned to Liberia Ram Babu Dasi and Honorary Consul General of India to Liberia Upjit Singh Sachdea, view the class schedule and discuss the deployment of the remaining system in Liberia
A group consisting of the India Consul to Liberia, the Project Coordinator, LIBTELCO Executives, Doctors and Administrators visit the electronic classroom of Tele-Medician Center at JFK and were taken on a virtual tour of online lectures

LIBTELCO hosts a Presidential level video tele-conference for interconnecting with the African Union. This secure, encrypted communications channel facilitates connectivity to and between Heads of Member States which are signatory to the AGREEMENT. The PRESIDENTIAL TELE-CONFERENCE site is fully ready.

  • India's program coordinator in Liberia - Ram Babu Dasi
  • GOL implementing Agency, Liberia Telecommunications Corporation (LIBTELCO)


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